Friday, September 27, 2013

seventy-one people still listed as missing

Kenya shopping mall attack: Nairobi hostages were tortured before they were killed, says police doctor

Catrina Stewart
The Independent
26 September 2013

"Ghoulish accounts on the fate of the hostages have circulated Nairobi and there have been claims that the military was forced to blow up part of the Westgate complex not just to bring the siege to an end, but to end the appalling suffering of hostages amid reports that hostages were raped, and others beheaded and their heads thrown out of the windows."

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ugly people doing ugly things

The Ugly Face of Tyranny: Feinstein Comes For Your Right To Speak Freely Online

Mac Slavo
26 September 2013

"And for those out there who don’t have a blog or web site where they share news, videos, information and criticisms of government, consider that the Feinstein amendment doesn’t refer to just web sites. It covers all internet venues. It’s not about how the information gets out there, it’s about the individual or organization disseminating it."

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While I am not so certain yet whether the several articles I have read on the subject might be overreacting to the threat or not, the possibilities that both freedom of the press and freedom of speech might be abridged remains something to keep in the forefront of thought...

Thursday, September 26, 2013

because these things disturb

$5.25 Million For Senate Hair Care And 21 Other Ways Politicians Are Living The High Life At Your Expense

Michael Synder
The Economic Collapse
25 September 2013

"So who pays for all of this extravagance?

The American people do of course.

Unfortunately, what most of our politicians fail to understand is that most families are struggling tremendously right now."

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Seem to be remembering the list of government programs that would be getting 'hair cuts' if things are not righted in the current impasse in Congress and seem to remember that the military over there dying for our freedom will be getting their pay withheld...

But maybe I am dreaming.

If only.

A Quick List of Who Gets Paid - and Not

quick primer in mind control*

Mind Control and the New World Order

Len Kasten
New Dawn, via Waking Times
24 September 2013

"Brain waves constitute a magnetic field around the head (the aura), each person having a unique, identifiable electromagnetic signature which becomes visible through Kirlian photography, and these fields can be monitored by satellites. The translated results are then fed back to ground-side super computers at speeds of up to 20 gigabytes/second. Neurophone messages can then be beamed to selected individuals based on their thoughts. It is believed that about one million people around the globe are now monitored on a regular basis. "

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* A great deal of this information is standard offering in many articles and books about mind control and scientists who worked with it. Kasten updates the history lesson(s) with newer data and experiments/results.

and this is important because...

The 9 Goals of Mind Control: Interim Report

Nicholas West
Activist Post
19 September 2013

"The establishment has re-named mind control as neuroscience, and it is receiving massive funding through initiatives such as Obama's BRAIN project.

It is a comprehensive plan to map the human brain for purposes of determining how degenerative conditions arise, how thoughts are formed, and how behavior can be reverse engineered to the source of its gestation. Once determined, scientists intend to intervene and control the mind through a variety of methods, both direct and indirect."

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Believing in the One whom God sent is a deliberate action of the will and mind. Any veering toward a future wherein control of the mind and will by the individual is thwarted and/or controlled needs to be kept in the forefront of news.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

in a faithful Anglican church in Peshawar...

Pakistani Christians mourn 85 killed in suicide bombings at Peshawar church

Jon Boone
The Guardian
23 September 2013

""It's not safe for Christians in this country," said Mano Rumalshah, the bishop emeritus of Peshawar, who was standing in the courtyard, comforting sobbing parishioners who clasped his white robes."

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Friday, September 20, 2013

[2nd UPDATE] urgent prayers needed for Dr. Henry Blackaby again

Southern Baptist Leader Henry Blackaby, Author of 'Experiencing God,' Is Missing

Alex Murashko
The Christian Post
20 September 2013

"Urgent prayer requests are being asked for pastor and internationally known author Henry Blackaby, who has been missing since late yesterday afternoon, last seen in the South Atlanta area."

I studied Dr. Blackaby's classic, Experiencing God, some while back. It is an excellent course in the charismatic infilling known as the baptism of the Holy Spirit (although the coursework makes no such claim for itself).

Please take a moment to stop and pray for Dr. Blackaby.

Please keep him, and his family, in your prayers.

UPDATE: The Blackaby family reported on their website late Friday evening that Dr. Blackaby has been found, and his health issues are being addressed. The Christian Post, quoting The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, notes that Dr. Blackaby was located alone in Tifton, Georgia, around nine p.m. A Mattie's Call had been issued for Dr. Blackaby, who is diabetic, and was without his insulin.

Tifton, Georgia is around two hours south of Atlanta and is south of Macon, on Interstate 75. Dr. Blackaby and his family live and worship in towns in the southern metropolis of Atlanta.

God be praised, and His trustworthiness in watching over His sheep remembered....

The Blackaby family reported yesterday that Dr. Blackaby had suffered a mild heart attack while on his way to pick up his wife from an appointment, which resulted in the initial disorientation that kept him driving for twenty-nine hours, until he was found. As previous notes report, Dr. Blackaby is diabetic, and did not have his insulin with him.

However, reports this morning are again requesting urgent prayers, as Dr. Blackaby is in need of at least four bypass surgeries, and immediately (possibly Sunday), and his heart is not strong.

Joining in prayer for God's grace and mercy in watching over this gentle giant, and his family, and beseeching those of others....

Monday, September 9, 2013

and pedophilia...

Too Much Tolerance: Pedophilia Debate Hits Germany's FDP

Florian Gathmann, Ann-Katrin Müller and Christian Teevs
Spiegel Online
5 September 2013

"In November of 1982, Germany's business-friendly Free Democratic Party (FDP), today the junior coalition party of Chancellor Angela Merkel's ruling conservatives, threw a party at the close of its federal convention. The invitations promising "disco and discussion" went out not only to party members who had participated in the convention in Berlin, but also to a selection of gays, lesbians -- and pedophiles. The invitation bore the FDP logo, emblazoned at the bottom right, and explicitly welcomed "Lesbians and Liberals, Gossips and Sisters, Celebrities and Pederasts.""

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scientific experiments that are invading the sanctity of the brain

Mind Control and Narrative Psy-Ops

Julie Beal
Activist Post
29 August 2013

"Focused ultrasound can deliver, “complex spatiotemporal patterns of acoustic waves” to achieve similar results to TMS, but has a spatial resolution which is five times greater, and can reach far deeper into the brain, meaning a lot more can be done with it, such as:

  • neurological/psychiatric intervention
  • cognitive enhancement
  • behavioral reinforcement
  • TBI (traumatic brain injury) protection
  • pain intervention
  • anxiety/stress reduction
  • long term alertfulness/wakefulness
  • navigational commands/assistance

Ahem! Did you notice “behavioral reinforcement” on that list? Are you thinking Pavlov’s dogs, aka operant conditioning? You’d be right – ultrasound delivered via a CBI can be used to activate reward pathways (dopamine) in the brain, which,“may be used to condition and/or reinforce certain desired attributes and/or to motivate specific behavioral actions . . ."

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The above article has a number of different brain activity experiments. I merely chose one to highlight as a tease to introduce the article. These are things about which we should all be very concerned.

Melding of minds over internet
The science as of October 2011
The Case for Posthumanity
False memory implant in mouse brain
Reading your thoughts before you think them (2008)

if even a portion of this article is true...

Monsanto leading super-secret 'above Congress' Obama trade scheme to outlaw GMO labeling worldwide

Mike Adams
Natural News
9 September 2013

"Details of the TPP are so secret that even members of Congress are not allowed to review them or disclose them. What we know about the TPP has only come from leaks, as the full text of the entire agreement is being kept not only from Congress but also the American people. Yet over 600 corporate CEOs -- including CEOs of companies that have been repeatedly found guilty of felony crimes in America -- have been allowed to influence the details of the TPP agreements. Monsanto, Wal-Mart and Big Pharma corporations are reportedly given top influence positions in this super-secret Obama organization that hands the future of the world over to the most evil corporations of all time."

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

wherein our thinking is constrained or else...

Sergeant dismissed for saying ... nothing

Bonnie Pritchett
Baptist Press 
16 August 2013

"At issue is Monk's refusal to reveal his personal views regarding homosexual marriage to his commanding officer. According to a Fox News report, the commander, a lesbian, asked Monk to report on disciplinary proceedings for an Air Force instructor under investigation for making objectionable comments about homosexual marriage during a training session."

Breitbart Follow-up to Earlier Report
Pritchett Follow-up to Above Report

This story is only beginning to get the coverage it deserves, hence my covering it here. A lot of the smaller, alternative blogs and presses are handing it on, but (according to the Google search engine) not as many of the sites that have greater visibility.

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

notice to readers

Long around the time of this post, that looming question of what stories to believe went up a level, and as it did, the reality of the impact of deception on 'watchman' blogs took its place at the forefront of all.

In the time since I wrote those words (and a couple of longer posts, from which this has been culled), the question of that deception has seeped into several of the stories I have reblogged here...

And yes. The role of news reporters in preserving a status quo that is not always factual goes back a very long way, as much as does an alternative press that rails against it, at whatever cost: some degree there is that what is happening now has always been the way of things.

But something is happening now that chills.

I have been worrying over this post for well over a month now, unable to decide what to do about this blog. The blog will remain in public view, because it contains posts that are still being read. Too, I have posts that are mere tweaks away from publication—how long it will be before they are edited that final time and set in (if at all) is not known.

A long string of bookmarked files in various folders that still need to be posted, with or without commentary, yet squats in the laptop files.

Based on the Snowden revelations (whoever and whatever Snowden and his whistleblowing may one day prove to be), a native resistance/suspicion in me that vastly predates all has reared its head again. I eye Russia's changeover to the typewriters and typists of old keenly.

And remind, as I have at other posts/blogs: if it is important, be sure you have a hard copy.

And always be certain you keep a hard copy of the Holy Bible where it can be taken up in your hands at all times. (And written on your heart.)

In regard to the future of this blog, however, yes, I read things even now that need to be set in here—the call against their audacity is too strong to ignore. But that has been the reality since I began this blog: so very much out there needs to be handed on, and it is taken up from so many capable reporters: a single blog could scarcely hold the sum of them.

Readers familiar with the blog know that its set purpose has been participating in a bucket brigade that would help battle what, really, cannot be regained.

A coming end of the world was prophesied in Scripture, and that looming end has been the set purpose of this blog: that, in seeing the ancient prophesies come into our midst, those who are called to be the Master's own will recognize the hour, and not fall to a delusion that will overpower even the Elect, if such a thing were possible.

A very real dissonance remains for me between what I know will be 'comfortably' received herein and what should be posted but, for various reasons, I do not think could be accepted. I had thought that the narrative that 'news' presents would allow an easier entry point for much of what I have wanted to hand on (even the news I still borrow the term 'fantastical' to describe)...

But it has not. Whether it is finally a decision I am not so much aware of making (which is to say: a lack of courage) or merely that, in the lines we all draw in the sand, fantastical remains too edgy to set out as something with which I am willing to publicly be associated, the result is the same. I am not doing so much of what I intended when I began this blog...

And have been swept up into some places I should have expected, but did not.

A great many things prophesied as indicating the last hour are a portion of all eras in the long reach of man's march across the centuries.

It is those that are peculiar to our own hour that require notice.

Yet many others are noting them: transhumanism, animal-human hybrids, transgressions into our very DNA, extreme weather, the strange earth 'groans' of recent years (now returning), genetically modified foods, Fukushima's radiation leaks, animal die-offs, chemtrails, HAARP, the Middle East crises, loss of our Constitutional rights (as others have noted, America may figure in as the κατέχον of 2 Thess. 2:6, if not Babylon—or both), the strides scientific experiments are making into mind control—these are some of the many, many items that nudge the clock to that last second.

And a great many critical ones not listed therein.

Yet, even as this post will serve as notice that I am not going to be tending this blog as closely as I once had hoped, that call within me to set out audacities, as much as warning, remains. I cannot read many things without that clarion call to do the one thing demanded for all deeds of the darkness: bring them out into the light.

But I am having to measure a very real futility against the growing necessity to suspect that the extent to which we are being deceived is indeed accelerating—whether the death of Michael Hastings or who or what Edward Snowden is or what actually happened in the Trayvon Martin case or Benghazi or GMOs or any of ten thousand thousand other atrocities that loom and are looming...

To say nothing of what is happening in the Middle East, and Syria, and the questions, choices and incidents that are swirling about us and may shape the very future of the world.

And might, as many suspect, catapult us in a third World War.

That ready sense of not having done enough remains. Yet the reality that I have done something, likewise.

And that other question remains, too, unanswered: is it better to set out the horrors, in the hope that we who see these things will be reminded of the Gospel call, and will lift up our heads...

For our redemption draweth nigh.

Or would it be better to find another way of evangelizing.

Is it better to highlight the bad—bring it out into the light so that its deeds are not hidden...

Or to concentrate on the Gospel message of redemption itself.

The ancient cry of the watchman remains, if you see these things, and do not warn the people, their blood is on your head. But when time is as limited as my own has strangely become, impact has to count. While some posts herein continue to be read, even now, other bloggers and alternative news sites have sufficient impact to offset what little I can accomplish here at the present moment, and a higher readership.

Too, their commentary says far more than I have said here.

In the meanwhile, I will perhaps more often than not creep into that quiet place of the Virgin, who pondered things in her heart, rather than speaking them...

I encourage all who may have read posts here to stay wary of what is afoot now, and keep the alternative press in your daily reads. A time may yet come when we no longer have the advantage of their reporting...