Wednesday, October 16, 2013

because I agree with what she says

Why I Won't Be Charitable When the SHTF

Chris Carrington
The Daily Sheeple
13 October 2013

"I will not risk the lives of myself and my family in order to be charitable, it just isn’t going to happen. Every morsel of food I give away could keep my kids going for another day. Every item of clothing I give away could have kept my kids warm in the winter, could have wrapped my future grandchildren, could get passed on to the next generation who may have no access to new clothing."

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Whole lot of people believe that, not only is an end in sight, but it may last a very long while. While I agree with the hard-core reasoning expressed in this post, I don't think the end (if and when it comes) will be long-lived. A great many still have no clue, however, that any of this is seething in the background of all.

It goes without saying, however, that if you prep, keep it a secret.

And make sure your cache is hidden. Think Anne Frank, and Nazi Germany.

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