Tuesday, October 29, 2013

because never let it be said we could keep America beautiful

Metro pulled out his flowers, but guerrilla gardener pops back up in Dupont Circle

Michelle Boorstein
Washington Post
27 October 2013

"Early this summer, guerrilla gardener Henry Docter surreptitiously planted 1,000 flowering plants in the long, tubelike entryway to the Dupont Circle Metro station. He did it, he said, to beautify the prominent but shabbily kept public space. Metro officials waited a couple of weeks before yanking out the hundreds of morning glories and other plants in July, prompting more than 10,000 supporters to sign a “Let Our Flowers Grow” petition.

And setting off Docter, an intense, lifelong Washingtonian who has been planting unauthorized flowers in public spots around the world for much of his 52 years. After July, he said, “I needed artistic closure.”"

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