Wednesday, October 16, 2013

because some things have to be worth dying for

Behind the scenes of tyranny – a first-hand account

Catherine Crabill
Homeland Security
15 October 2013

"I saw officers from the U.S. Park Police trying to reestablish the barricades that others had parted. As they did, I observed a police officer shoving a barricade across the access, when he physically pushed a veteran out of his way. In a moment of rage, I approached the police officer, shouting  “how dare you, how dare you block our veterans! How DARE YOU!” At this point he and two other officers turned around and walked away, making no apologies for their actions. It was then that I grabbed the barricade and pulled it back, again permitting access to the memorial. Then men in the crowd came over and dismantled them and carried them away. I was in tears and overwhelmed at this insanity and exhilarated in the triumph of the moment."

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