Wednesday, October 16, 2013

what are we becoming?

Why We Should Not Forget Miriam Carey

John Grant
This Can't Be Happening
14 October 2013

"The casual acceptance of such a publicly visible killing felt amazing. Many of the responses justifying the killing seem hysterical. The hypotheticals raised that she was a danger to others and a threat to the nation’s capital city existed only in the minds of those chasing her or, after the fact, those justifying her killing. From all I have been able to learn, Miriam Carey was a lively young woman who sometimes came off as headstrong who was struggling with some kind of emotional disturbance, possibly triggered by the responsibilities of motherhood."

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Even without the reports that Miriam Carey had told an associate that Mr. Obama was talking to her, the assassination (for that is what it was) of Ms. Carey reeks of Obama's America.

It is so very much no longer a place too many of us recognize as America...

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