Thursday, November 7, 2013

a bold truth, no less true for all its boldness

More on Schools

Fred Reed
The Burning Platform
6 November 2013

"Yes, I  realize that the schools face many other problems, chief among them that much  of the country no longer takes schooling seriously. Pious slogans like No Child  Left Behind of course mean No Child Allowed Ahead. Discipline a child and his  parents sue. Suspend serious troublemakers and you face charges of racial  profiling. Disguising the gap in performance between ethnicities takes precedence  of teaching. The stupidest fad is grading teachers on how well their students  test, it being impossible to get a class of unintelligent, misbehaving,  culturally uninterested students to perform well."

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I usually cache posts as I am reading (at this juncture of blogging) to set out later. This one, however, required stopping absolutely everything and setting in.


To say that I agree with just about everything the man says might get me in trouble.

But I will.

Hat tip:  Steve Quay

UPDATE (24 November 2013): Link corrected. Don't know what happened to original at The Burning Platform, but the article is the same. Ed.

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