Thursday, November 14, 2013

o delectable Obama chortles

Everything You Need to Know About Obama's Press Conference In a Few Short Tweets

The People
Courtesy Independent Journal Review
14 November 2013

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Tammy Bruce:
He's gonna solve the problems, get it right, and ObamaCare will work. Says the guy who's been lying.

Michelle Malkin:      
HAHAHAHA: Obama - "It's important that we're honest..."

Amanda Carpenter:
Oh, how Obama wants to pretend the shutdown was about the debt ceiling. It was the Obamacare Shutdown. that is what it was about.

GOP Comedian:
So are we supposed to grateful that Obama is trying to fix a problem that never should have existed in the first place?

Jonathan S. Tobin:
Obama explains #ObamaCare pledge lie by saying it was true for a lot of people even if it was a lie for some. Oh, now I get it.

Dave Rubin:
When you answer a question just by talking and talking until nobody is paying attention anymore it should be called, 'Pulling an Obama.'

And the one made of the stuff of both hilarity and dream...

Ross Appel:
We are witnessing the end of the Obama presidency. Complete lack of capability and credibility both home and abroad.

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