Saturday, November 30, 2013

privacy is to liberty as a man's home is to his castle

Is your TV spying on YOU?

Guy Adams
Daily Mail
25 November 2013

"What’s to blame is the continuing rise of smart televisions, which account for most new TV sets sold and are predicted to be in more than half of British homes by 2016. These high-tech devices differ from traditional televisions in that they are not just passive boxes that receive a signal and transfer it to a backlit screen.

Instead, they are essentially computers that connect to the internet — and so also send information back the other way."

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Hat tip: Steve Quayle (and a special thanks to Mr. Quayle, who consistently ferrets out more 'need to be noticed (and handed on)' material than anyone else on the web)

Way back when the US changed over from analog to digital TV, a largely uneducated and almost superstitiously religious woman who worked in housekeeping at a company from which I earned my keep, told me in great seriousness that these new TVs were going to spy on you, and they would be aware of everything you did.

I didn't doubt that one day they might, but shrugged it off otherwise: what could we do? The changeover from analog to digital was not optional.

Recently, reports began to circulate about lap tops being hacked by folk who were watching whatever you did, where ever you were.

Rattled, I put a bit of tape (and a folded over piece of paper) over the camera opening on my laptop.

But now, TVs (those, that is, far fancier than my own, which is still digital via that little box) are doing likewise.

Privacy is no more. That is the global now. What remains is already seething about us. Good time to be aware, and to be set on preparing for what so many have warned...

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