Saturday, November 23, 2013

the Danvers case [warning: graphic]

[Title redacted]*

Rachel Quigley
Daily Mail
21 November 2013

"'The indictments returned today detail horrific and unspeakable acts,' District Attorney said."

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The alleged perpetrator of Ms. Ritzer's murder, 14 year old student Philip Chism, was known for a quiet, respectful demeanor. No connection to drugs, meds or prior scrapes (or violent tendencies) has been uncovered by authorities.

One source, however, states that the teen brought the box cutter, a mask, gloves, and multiple changes of clothing to school with him that day.

What is happening?

CNN article with additional details (not graphic)
The local update
Includes links for search warrant, affidavits [graphic content]

* The UK article contains graphic details in its title and report that the American news reports render in less graphic terms. 

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