Sunday, November 24, 2013

update for those no longer dreaming

Social Logins for Government Services Profile User's Identity

Julie Beal
Activist Post
24 November 2013

"For a few years now, financial organisations, such as PayPal and Equifax, have been using social profiles as an additional authentication factor when it comes to authorisation. (So it helps that Google and Facebook are insisting people use their real name.)

In other words, even without seeing your birth certificate or passport, the information contained in these profiles is considered to bolster the trustworthiness of data from credit bureaus, cell phones, and criminal records, and allow you to apply for credit online.


Labelling ‘the trusted ones’ has already begun. Have you noticed some websites are ‘secure’ and have the green address bar?

And you can’t leave comments on YouTube any more unless you sign in to Google."

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If reading the post linked above does not scare the diggly-daylights out of you (and yes, I had been curious why I was seeing that 'secure' bar in strange places), you have not been paying attention...

And while I can presume the Christian ethos of most of my readers, and therefore merely remind...

For those who do not know the sayings of Jesus, many believe that His prophecy regarding the last hour combines the destruction of Jerusalem (70 AD) with the destructions prior to His return (Luke 21; Matthew 24)—and a clear promise that one or the other (or both) would occur within the time frame of a generation.

Whether that was metaphor for a relentlessly fast deterioration or an exact time line is irrelevant: things are coming together now rapidly, and only the most innocent could believe otherwise...

Loss of privacy in any degree is critical warning of that rapidly approaching hour.

Many bloggers are beginning to include in the posts which track these developments the clarion call to the only safety...

Jesus Christ, Redeemer, Son of the Living God, Bright Morning Star, Beginning and End. If you hear Him calling, welcome Him in.

The time is short, and the delusion already is here amongst us. Not a good time for a casual faith...

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