Friday, December 6, 2013

latest on the kidnapped Christian nuns

Islamic Jihad on Christian Nuns: A History

Raymond Ibrahim
The American Thinker
6 December 2013

"Far from discussing Islamic history and doctrine, and how they tie to current events, the predominant Western mentality sees Islamic violence as the West's fault, or, in the recent words of ex-nun Karen Armstrong, "We did this."  Armstrong -- who quit the nunnery only to engage in pro-Islamic mummery -- insists that what's needed is for us to focus more on "Muslim pain, Muslim suffering."  Such, according to the leftist mentality, are the "real" reasons why, wherever Muslim-majorities live near non-Muslim minorities, the latter are under attack. "

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From the Patriarch
Conflicting Reports

Unconfirmed Report of Offer for Hostage Swap 

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