Thursday, May 16, 2013

while we were sleeping

Google ‘Knows When You’re Home’

Paul Joseph Watson
May 16, 2013

"We are already glued to our smart phones that buzz and beep with every text message, email, Facebook comment or Twitter response. Now Google will not only distract us with things that just happened, but what we forgot should have happened, and what is set to happen in the future."

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Relinquishing critical freedom(s) without even being aware of it
Privacy as a foundation of jurisprudence

my country, 'tis of thee

Sandcrawler PSA: A Subliminal Message From Dear Leader

Stable Hand
The Jawa Report
May 12, 2013 12:15 a.m.

"White House twitter account's background image has a fallen Eagle as in upside down."

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Scroll down until the posts disappear and you can clearly see the seal. It has the words, 'United States,' right side up, which means the eagle has been deliberately turned upside down.

The seal is surrounded by strange, eight-pointed stars. When using stars, the American tradition has been the five-pointed star, solidly sitting on two legs. Readers should go to Google Images and type in "Islamic Art Eight-Pointed Star" and ponder possibilities.

Several bloggers are saying that the upside down eagle is an international distress signal. I have not been able to authenticate this; in general, flying the flag upside down is regarded as an international distress signal.

I have emailed my U.S. Senator for answers, and encourage readers to do likewise. I am also waiting reply from the earliest of the blogs that caught this matter for information on how it was discovered.

My hope remains that this is a hoax. If it proves legitimate, such blatant disregard of respect for this nation and order (the sort upon which law is built) stuns.

Were it not for the curiousity of the eight-pointed stars, I might be willing to concede that the White House page had been hacked, as has happened before.

The potential nefariousness of the upside down eagle suggests a possible link (in conspiracy theories) to an inverted star question present in the flag used by Hillary Clinton's Presidential campaign. I am linking the above post (scroll down to read post) on the matter because it allows that the situation might have a more innocent origin.

The above link includes a photograph from the original flag of our nation, which had stars going several different ways.

However, I would encourage readers to Google the matter, if they are not aware of conspiracy theorist concerns on the inverted stars, as it perhaps connects dots and begins to establish a pattern.