Monday, May 20, 2013

Oklahoma tornado

The state examiner's office is reporting fifty-one deaths in the Oklahoma tornado, with the number expected to rise. Seven of the dead are children, who were at one of the elementary schools.

A reporter with KOCO News 5 has announced that Plaza Towers Elementary School, in Moore, Oklahoma, and one of two elementary schools hit by the tornado, is missing forty children. Authorities are not confirming yet whether they are organizing a rescue or recovery mission for the school, which is leveled. Authorities are pushing people away, a local reporter has announced.

Night is falling in Oklahoma.

The stories of destruction are being reported through the evening.

KOCO has a live feed:

KOCO News 5

UPDATE [11:07 p.m. EST]
Up to TWENTY-FOUR children feared dead in rubble of flattened elementary school after giant TWO-MILE tornado rips through densely-populated suburb of Oklahoma City

11 Alive in Atlanta reports that the tornado may be the worst in American history.

6:45 a.m. EST 21 May 2013
KOCO is reporting that the death toll remains at fifty-one, twenty of whom are children with more believed to be trapped at Plaza Towers Elementary School. [May be information left on site from last night. Ed.]

NBC is reporting that the death toll has risen to ninety-one.

Rain in the area, heavy, with much lightening this morning and hail, still before dawn in Oklahoma.

10:05 a.m. EST
The state examiner has reduced the death count to twenty-four.


Apple’s Web of Tax Shelters Saved It Billions, Panel Finds

Nelson D. Schwartz and Charles Duhigg
The New York Times
20 May 2013

"Even as Apple became the nation’s most profitable technology company, it avoided billions in taxes in the United States and around the world through a web of subsidiaries so complex it spanned continents and went beyond anything most experts had ever seen, Congressional investigators disclosed on Monday."

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Corporate greed and excessive wealth
Loss of moral integrity

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