Wednesday, May 22, 2013

behind closed doors

Bill Drafted In Secret Would Block Release Of Some Newtown Massacre Records

Jon Lender, Edmund H. Mahony and Dave Altimari
The Hartford Courant
21 May 2013

"As originally discussed behind the scenes, the proposed legislation would have amended the state's freedom of information law by adding a blanket exemption to disclosure of any "criminal investigation photograph, film, videotape, other image or recording or report depicting or describing the victim or victims."

Colleen Murphy, the director of the state's FOI Commission, said Tuesday that her staff had argued against the idea of such a blanket change. She said a couple of weeks ago the office of House Speaker Brendan Sharkey provided her agency with a draft including the blanket exception. She said she was advised that this draft would not be put to a vote, but she knew nothing abut the contents of the "forthcoming" draft."

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feeds conspiracy theories
impugns freedom of press
governmental over-reach
legislators working in secret

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oppression extraordinaire

Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

Alan Caruba
Warning Signs
22 May 2013

" is no accident that their reporters are being intimidated by an administration that has seized telephone records as a message to their owners and editors to curb any criticism, any investigation of what they are doing.

Asserting that James Rosen, a Fox reporter, engaged in criminal behavior for doing what any reporter would do, seek out information about the government, has outraged many in the press, but whether they will stand firm or buckle under remains the real question. In Germany, the press became an arm of the Nazi regime.

If history is any guide, we have real cause to fear the intent of the Obama administration—one now distinguished by its leadership for having no memory of any steps they have undertaken to oppress organizations that oppose its agenda, mobilizing the IRS and Department of Justice."

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burgeoning loss of critical freedoms
Chicago gangster-style administration
shivers of Nazi Germany...

NBC correspondent: Obama trying to 'criminalize journalism'

violence defined

U.S. Admits for First Time Drones Killed 4 Americans

Charlie Savage
The New York Times
22 May 2013

"Mr. Holder, in a speech at Northwestern University Law School last year, laid out the administration’s basic legal thinking that American citizens who are deemed to be operational terrorists, who pose an “imminent threat of violent attack” and whose capture is infeasible may be targeted. That abstract legal thinking — including an elastic definition of what counts as “imminent” — was further laid out in an unclassified white paper provided to Congress last year, which was leaked earlier this year.."

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The Audacity of Eric Holder's Letter
From Al Jazeera
The Letter

critical loss of presumption of innocence
nefariousness in high places

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radiation cover-ups

Hanford officials hid leak evidence from advisory panel

Susannah Frame
King 5 News
21 May 2013

"...[h]ow the evidence of the leak in Tank 241-AY-102 was mishandled for a year raises questions about how the Department of Energy and private contractors are managing the multi-billion-dollar cleanup at Hanford and fulfilling their obligation to keep policymakers and the public informed about potential threats to the environment and human health."

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and meanwhile, in Stockholm...

Third Night of Stockholm Riots

Stockholm riots raise questions about immigration policy

Multiculturalism Failing

Stockholm Riots Unusually Fearsome Feel Immigrants from India

beheaded in London (warning: graphic)

IB Times link (includes video of man with meat cleaver and bloody hands)

Woolwich machete killing: two men shouting 'Allah Akbar' shot by police as 'soldier beheaded in Islamist terror attack'

Islam to be dominant UK religion in ten years
Syrian Rebel Commander Filmed Cutting Out Soldier's Heart and Eating It
Timeline of Early Islamic Conquests

Delusional barbarism in broad daylight
Individuals reduced to rabid animals
Civilization reduced

Updated: 23 May 2013
Early assessment by authorities ties this horror to terrorism.

On ABC World News last night, Diane Sawyer spoke to 'a new deliberate theatre by the attackers.'

Witnesses reported, "These two guys were crazed. They were not there. They were just animals."

Speaking at a press conference in Paris, British Prime Minister David Cameron said, "We have had these sorts of attacks before in our country..."

Yet I am left noting that this barbaric act of savagery in broad daylight in the heart city of a country whose empire once did not see the setting sun, begs the new frame for civilized, as acutely as it does for any sense that this has happened before. The attackers engaged witnesses in their acts of darkness as if what they had done was both logical and could be defended as an act of necessity, if not honour.

The influence of the Syrian rebel's crazed act sets its bar for a theatre that any deranged soul might emulate and attempt.

Too rapidly, deranged becomes the new black.

You will hear of wars, and rumours of wars...these are the beginning of the birth pangs...

Indeed, then there will be great unrest, such as has not been from the beginning of the world until now...and never will be again. (Matthew 24: 6, 8, 21)

because in a free world...

Man with Ties to Boston Bombing Suspect Shot During FBI Questioning
Man Who Held Firefighters Hostage Killed Shot in SWAT Team Standoff
One Boston Marathon Suspect Dead
SWAT Team for a Domestic Disturbance?
SWAT Team for a Common Burglar?
Gas Projectiles Because He's Armed?
Witness Intimidation From of Old (1989 Book Excerpt)
And Because the Questions Still Need Resolving (2002)


  • burgeoning loss of presumption of innocence
  • police and FBI activity in the dark: no witnesses
  • elimination of potential witnesses to possible false flags
  • excessive police/SWAT team presence for 'small' crimes

I am not an activist. My position, however, remains that of a wary bystander who knows the importance of patterns, and a necessary knowledge and awareness housed within and wielded by the people, to whose consent all government must yield in this nation.

Conspiracy theorists are connecting dots that do not necessarily prove the events they track.

But those whom they track are not successfully debunking and/or disproving what they charge, either. Awareness of agenda (hidden or more blatant) is paramount in this day, and that, unfortunately, is a reality on both sides of an argument that, multi-faceted but clearly drawn to two opposing lines, is destroying our nation.

The wise keep a careful awareness of all items as possibility in the back pocket of all: if a thing seems amiss, perhaps it is. If it happens in the dark, flag it red.

Shoot-outs with police obviously often end in the suspect killed. The matters noted here-in represent, instead, what seem losses peculiar to a growing trend of unsettled, as noted above.

However, suspects at large seem to be prone to shooting police officers and detectives now, which suggests a burgeoning loss of the controls that undergird both respect for the law and a generic, 'law-abiding' citizenry, also causes for a very real concern. However, this citizen in particular recognizes that the work of police officers in any day is high-powered, stressful and potentially deadly.

As always, readers are encouraged to research these matters further. Events tracked should properly be hedged by both patterning ("connecting the dots of possibility") and frequency of like events (imagine placing each single event within a pie chart of similar items) to arrive at a more definitive picture of the whole in each trend.

Whether an individual story is true or not may likely wait Heaven to know definitively, hence the necessity to keep the wary eye for possible patterns.