Tuesday, May 28, 2013

for the night cometh

Christians' discrimination cases rejected by human rights court

Peter Walker,
The Guardian
28 May 2013

"Tuesday's decision was welcomed by the National Secular Society. The group's executive director, Keith Porteous Wood, said: "Fortunately, Europe's highest court has now wisely followed numerous lower courts and rejected the applicants' attempts for religious conscience to trump equality law.

"The UK has the world's most comprehensive equality laws which already include strong protection for religious believers and they would have been fatally compromised, particularly for LGBT people, had the grand chamber overturned any of these judgments.

"We hope that this will now draw a line under the attempts by a small coterie of Christian activists to obtain special privileges for themselves which would invariably come at the expense of other people's rights.""

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burgeoning loss of freedom of religious conscience
marketplace trumping Christian belief
"special privilege" to live by traditional Christian teachings?

John 9:4