Thursday, May 30, 2013

start thinking, what next?

Fight heats up on behalf of homeschoolers rejected by U.S.

Bob Unruh
29 May 2013

"Attorneys for the Justice Department argued before the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that a government has every right to demand that parents send their children to public schools, even if the school’s teaching conflicts with the family’s religious beliefs.

Farris found the position adopted by the Obama administration startling."

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state vs. parent
stunning claims of Obama Justice Department
loss of critical freedoms as parents and family

Twenty-Seven Members of Congress Petition to Grant Asylum
HSLDA Press Release

because California is like that

Bill Would Use Calif.’s Tax Policy To Pressure Boy Scouts Into Fully Accepting Gay Members

from the Associated Press
CBS Los Angeles
29 May 2013

"If the bill is eventually signed into law by the governor, the groups would have to pay corporate taxes on donations, membership dues and camp fees, while also paying sales tax on food, beverages and homemade items sold at fundraisers."

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governmental over-reach and bullying
loss of ability to oppose gay agenda
Boy Scouts are a private organization
that future rapidly approaching for all

and they're doing it again

State Snoops Checking Out New Parents

Ben Borland
Daily Express
26 May 2013

"Emma Carr, deputy director of Big Brother Watch, said: "Why is the Scottish Government so suspicious of parents? Midwives shouldn't be lumbered with acting as social workers and parent monitors when they already have important jobs to be getting on with.

"This sort of heavy handed bureaucracy smacks of treating every new parent as a suspect and the NHS should get on with providing new parents with the best health care and support available, not policing forms about parent's views of diversity."

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surely, the question of the hour

Krauthammer: Obama Was Crafting 'Cover Story' before Benghazi Victims Were Dead

Charles Krauthammer
Quoted at Breitbart [with video from Fox News]
29 May 2013

"The biggest scandal of all, the biggest question, is what was the president doing in those eight hours."

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o Monsanto...again, again, again

Monsanto Modified Wheat Not Approved by USDA in Field

Alan Bjerga
30 May 2013

"A farmer attempting to kill wheat with Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide found several plants survived the weedkiller, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said yesterday in a statement. Scientists found the wheat was a strain field-tested from 1998 to 2005 and deemed safe before St. Louis-based Monsanto, the world’s largest seedmaker, pulled Roundup Ready wheat from the regulatory approval process on concern that importers would avoid the crop."

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USDA: Unapproved Modified Wheat In Oregon Field

Press Release (AP)
29 May 2013 (Aired on Morning Edition 30 May 2013)

"Oregon Department of Agriculture Director Katy Coba said in a statement that the discovery is "a very serious development that could have major trade ramifications." The state exports about 90 percent of its wheat.

"I am concerned that a highly regulated plant material such as genetically modified wheat somehow was able to escape into a crop field," Coba said."

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Genetically modified wheat found in Oregon field raises trade concerns

from Associated Press
The Guardian
29 May 2013

"The discovery also could have implications for organic companies, which by law cannot use genetically engineered ingredients in its foods. Organic farmers have frequently expressed concern that genetically modified seed will blow into organic farms and contaminate their products."

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GMO genetic pollution alert: Genetically engineered wheat escapes experimental fields planted across 16 states

Mike Adams
Natural News
30 May 2013

"Why is the USDA moving so quickly on this issue? Because they know the discovery of GE wheat growing in "the wild" puts the entire credibility of the U.S. wheat supply at risk. GMOs are banned in at least 27 countries around the world, and those countries will not likely allow genetically-contaminated wheat to be imported from the United States.

Depending on what happens next, we could be looking at a global embargo of U.S. wheat exports, meaning the U.S. wheat market would all but collapse."

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