Sunday, June 2, 2013

as lambs led now to slaughter

In China, cultural views impede organ donation

Christopher Bodeen
The Boston Globe (AP)
18 May 2013

"Chinese have traditionally held that a person’s body should be interred intact, and while such attitudes are gradually changing, they remain strong among older Chinese. At the same time, China is cutting down on its reliance on executed prisoners for organs — a practice that Huang called ‘‘profit-driven, unethical, and violating human rights.’’ Critics have long claimed that standard safeguards were often ignored in the case of obtaining organs from prisoners who may have been pressured to donate."

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follow the money
culture of death
medical realities about death and organ transplant not publicized
changing definitions of death to accommodate more organ donations

Watch for use of 'cultural' and 'traditionally held' and 'older' in the above section of the report. These are words quietly crafted to recreate culture and tradition as both transient matters and not capable of being set into larger picture (think universal template) that supercedes the new.

Cellular memory is built-in to the creation and is not being connected to organ 'harvesting' and transplant. That is the least of the necessary knowledge not being presented.

Death is being redefined to allow organs to be removed at an earlier time. The very use of the word, 'harvest' plays us: these are human beings whose death is being hastened so that living organs can be taken from them and placed in another human being's body. Not produce for harvest!

It is the imperative that Christians know exactly what is involved in organ donation and transplant. Over the course of transforming the culture in order to create this industry, the definition of 'death' is being reframed, and moved back.

Organs are not taken from dead bodies.

It is the imperative that Christians recognize the words and concepts being bandied about in the media to recraft and redirect our thought in this matter.

A culture of something perhaps worse than death and greed is driving the hour.

University of Utah Pediatric Fellow Publishes Study on Organ Allocation in Pediatrics Journal (2013)
"Requiring death before organ transfer in unnecessary" (2011)
Essay at Mercator (2011)
Tweaking the definition of death? (2009)
A Catholic Essay (2001)

did you REALLY say that, Congressman?

Durbin wonders: Does First Amendment apply to bloggers, Twitter? (with video clip)

Ed Morrissey
Hot Air
27 May 2013 

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anti-Constitutionalism rapidly gaining strength
loss of the rights that are so vital they were enshrined in a separate Bill
burgeoning loss of critical freedoms
freedom of the press
freedom of the press for bloggers
freedom of speech
governmental over-reach

as homosexual rights take over the world

Gay rights cases could trail Obama in Africa

Julie Pace
AP (at Yahoo News)
31 May 2013

"Homosexuality is considered a criminal offense in many African nations, including Senegal and Tanzania, two of the countries Obama will visit. South Africa, the third country on the president's itinerary, has broad protections for homosexuals and is the only African country to legalize gay marriage."

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Gay Rights Advocates Aren't Finished With The Boy Scouts

Paul R. Stanley, Political Opinion Editor
Christian Post
May 29, 2013

"If Christians do not awaken from their slumbered hibernation and take a more proactive stance, then the next gay-rights tornado will sweep through another cultural icon borne of a biblical worldview with barely a whimper from Christians. So goes the Boy Scouts of America."

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the coming Beast will likely be homosexual
distance between homosexuality and Christian ethos cannot be resolved
thrust of LGBT agenda into Christian ethos at large
how homosexual agenda becomes the coming delusion of the faith*
           *a more complex matter than can be detailed herein

Concerned readers can begin study with Rev. 9:11, which links the Hebrew "Destroyer" with the Greek Apollyon. Where Wikipedeia allows that the Greek term Apollyon is the active participle of the Greek verb that means 'to destroy,' it does not allow that the term is used as a name in classical Greek texts.

However, in an article on the Greek god Apollo, Wikipedia documents, "the Greeks most often associated Apollo's name with the Greek verb ἀπόλλυμι (apollymi), "to destroy"."

Readers should note that what primarily differentiates Apollyon from Apollo is the addition of the [Anglicized] "y," which appears in the Greek verb and in the Apocalypse, but not in the Greek god Apollo. As the above paragraph clarifies, loss of the 'y' from the verb to the noun form does not remove a 'caveat lector' expressed in Rev 9:11 to the faithful concerning the Greek god.

In addition to being regarded as the god of light (think Lucifer), Apollo had various epithets [Wiki, ibid], which include giver/bringer of light, and wolf (think Beast).

The god was also bi-sexual. John used what we regard as the Greek myths in at least one other portion of the Apocalypse, so connecting the dots into subtle pointers is quite within what the text allows.

Should a reader fall to the delusion that Jesus Christ is not the same yesterday, today and forever, clues do abound in Scripture that remain the straight line that has been and will remain the moral encoding of the created universe.

As the entire world falls to the homosexual agenda, a stage is set. As that stage is set, ability to stand against what the agenda brings, not only to the faith, but to the free exercise of that faith, lessens and soon will be eliminated completely.

Because of the agenda behind the agenda, we should all fear what is coming across the horizon [a play on 'homo-phobia'].

Bogotá councilwoman stresses gay rights movement is “unstoppable"
UN congratulates gay rights progress in Vietnam
Strange bedfellows [Caveat lector: read for the facts and slant expressed]

and the question is, why is this appearing now?

Flesh-eating bacteria appears in Vietnam

Le Ha
Vietnam Net
21 May 2013

"Since 2009, the hospital has received dozens of cases of sepsis due to Aeromonas hydropila bacteria. The bacteria quickly cause necrosis so they are called "flesh eating bacteria".

Recently the United States also discovered patients with the flesh-eating bacterial. Some of them had their limbs amputated or even died. The disease makes people panic.

Dr. Nguyen Hong Ha, Deputy Director of the Central Tropical Disease Hospital, said the cases in Vietnam showed typical characteristics of necrotic neck, chest, arms and legs but this is not the disease in many patients in the United States."

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mainstreaming pedophilia

'Blue is the Warmest Colour' is the first comic book adaptation to win top prize at Cannes

Amar Toor
The Verge
May 27, 2013

"Blue is the Warmest Colour, a French drama about a lesbian love affair, took home the top prize at the Cannes Film Festival Sunday, marking the first time that a movie based on a comic book has won the prestigious Palme d'Or. Written and directed by Abdellatif Kechiche, the film stars Adèle Exarchopoulos as a 15-year-old girl who falls in love with a woman named Emma, played by Léa Seydoux. The film has received largely glowing reviews from critics, as well as a fair bit of controversy, due to its reportedly explicit sex scenes."

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Aggravating Circumstances: Against the #FreeKate Campaign for Sexual Anarchy

[Warning: Language & Graphic Description of Sex]

Robert Stacy McCain
The Other McCain
25 May 2013

"Supporters of Kaitlyn Ashley Hunt are making flawed and dangerous arguments which, if we don’t argue back against them, could subvert the rule of law and bring about a culture of sexual anarchy, where school children are violated and corrupted “consensually” and parents have no legal recourse to prevent such outrageous behavior."

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Hat tip: Breitbart

Abortion industry hides pedophilia while others push for normalization

Maryann Spikes
The Examiner
29 May 2013

Article highlights five recent events that encapsulate a growing shift in the cultural opinions regarding pedophilia.

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Pedophilia Chic, Part 2 (1996) [WARNING: Graphic]
Pedophilia Chic" Reconsidered, Part 2 (2001)

Third-grade boy forced to perform oral sex on three male classmates at Harlem school [WARNING: Graphic]