Monday, June 3, 2013

secret experiments: a smidgen of the darkness (20th century history)

Inhuman Radiation Experiments

John LaForge
12-14 APRIL 2013

"This year marks the 20th anniversary of the declassification of top secret studies, done over a period of 60 years, in which the US conducted 2,000 radiation experiments on as many as 20,000 vulnerable US citizens.[i]

Victims included civilians, prison inmates, federal workers, hospital patients, pregnant women, infants, developmentally disabled children and military personnel — most of them powerless, poor, sick, elderly or terminally ill. "

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Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment (links to a page at the Tuskegee University website)
Stanford Prison Experiment (official site)
Military Experiments on Unsuspecting Poor: St. Louis 1950s and 1960s (Dr. Lisa Martino-Taylor)
Other Cold War Experiments on Unsuspecting Public (Alan R Cantwell, Jr., M.D.)
Listverse: Top 10 Evil Human Experiments (2008) includes other countries

not in Kansas anymore
"if they do these things in a green wood, what will they do in a dry?" (Luke 23:31)
20th century as critical turning point in eschatological matters

I present only a few links of only a mereness of experiments that have been done on an unsuspecting public, and will add more along the way. All Americans should be aware of these matters, as the possibility that America figures in, and heavily, to the Beast and/or final empire of the last days has been suggested (and tracked) by many.

The set purpose of this blog is to track matters that may coincide with and/or be the substance of the prophecies of Scripture that detail the last days. My studies of prophecy over many years have suggested that prophecy can and will apply to several different fulfillments (both scattered across the centuries AND in the final hour), as also to only a final, inexorable 'one.'

A sense of a 'metaphorical' in the application, too, allows prophecy a more 'fluid' use (as opposed to concrete or set in stone).

Specific to the pointer regarding the 20th century as a critical turning point in the tally of the end, at some point I will post on martyrs of the 20th century. The total number has been said by some to be higher than the number of all the martyrs of the preceding centuries added together.

The sheer and unrelenting volume of wars in that century (carrying over now into the 21st), and the 'advances' in military prowess, as much as the reality that, in an instant, humanity can be wiped out now, likewise play into that critical point.

Technological advances, loss of privacy, drugs, death, loss of critical freedoms, severe weather, insanity as the norm—the very fabric of the days about us is a multi-hued apocryphal and the many threads, already tangled, still remain to be worked in.

Other centuries, to be sure, likewise gave what was not due. I think, sometimes, of Ibsen—or—Nietzche—or Darwin—or eighteenth century France or...

The inexorable hour, ticking through to that Doomsday moment. Yet we are to lift up our heads—to stand up, and be counted. Our redemption draweth nigh.

Along these lines, atrocity is the name by which these 'experiments' must be known. Atrocity is not one of the names of God...