Wednesday, June 5, 2013

eating in the 21st century

Livestock to be fed larvae reared on cow and pig excrement in EU trial to meet rising demands for meat 

Daily Mail
28 May 2013

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because we still can't trust what happened

Officials instructed Benghazi hospital to list Stevens as "John Doe"

By Sharyl Attkisson
30 May 2013

"Stevens' body was then taken to an FBI facility in Dover, Del., for an autopsy which revealed he died of asphyxia, presumably from smoke inhalation. Officials found no internal damage, no indication of assault and no mistreatment of his body."

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the Snopes version (c.18 Sep 2012)
Gateway Pundit 12 Sep 2012 (the photos of Ambassador Stevens dragged through streets of Benghazi)

the unanswered questions
inability to trust government spin
need to keep the matter before the American people until resolved
the strange disparity between the photographs and the autopsy
the dissonance between the video 'spin' and probable reality

disappearing privacy: because we gave it all away

Facebook Posts Help Credit Bureaus Sniff Out Fraudsters

Danielle Kucera
30 May 2013

"Equifax Inc., EBay Inc., PayPal and Intuit Inc. have begun trials to see whether social posts can help prove identities, and, in some cases, detect whether customers are lying about their finances."

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Phone Firms Sell Data on Customers

Anton Troianovski
The Wall Street Journal 
21 May 2013

"The new offerings are also evidence of a shift in the relationship between carriers and their subscribers. Instead of merely offering customers a trusted conduit for communication, carriers are coming to see subscribers as sources of data that can be mined for profit, a practice more common among providers of free online services like Google Inc. and Facebook Inc."

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Verizon (and Google) Helped U.S. Government to Spy on Reporters

Pratap Chatterjee
CorpWatch Blog
23 May 2013

"“When you use the Internet, you entrust your conversations, thoughts, experiences, locations, photos, and more to companies like Google, AT&T and Facebook,” wrote the authors. “But what do these companies do when the government demands your private information? Do they stand with you? Do they let you know what’s going on?”"

This post is primarily about how the Internet giants are handing over information to the government. It is a must-read, however, for any who are not aware of how much privacy has been and continues to be drained away from any and all Internet users. Our word to the wise: that future world order tyranny is setting everything it needs in place now and nears rapidly...

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Judge rules Google must give FBI user information

Paul Elias
The Boston Globe (AP)
01 June 2013

"The letters issued by the FBI can be used to collect unlimited kinds of private information, such as financial and phone records. The FBI sent 16,511 letters requests for information regarding 7,201 people in 2011, the latest data available.

Critics contend the government is overly zealous in using the letters, unnecessarily infringing on privacy rights of American citizens."

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Schools scanned students' irises without permission

30 May 2013

"Parents are appalled that they weren’t informed of the program ahead of time...and are calling it an invasion of privacy."

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Hat tip: Infowars

With the technology laid in place, all that is needed is an oppressor...