Saturday, June 8, 2013

bucket brigade the rule here: high priority

DHS insider: It’s about to get very ugly

Doug Hagman
Canada Free Press
8 June 2013

"I have never seen anything like this, ever. The present administration is going after leakers, media sources, anyone and everyone who is even suspected of ‘betrayal.’ That’s what they call it, ‘betrayal.’ Can you believe the size of their cahones? This administration considers anyone telling the truth about Benghazi, the IRS, hell, you name the issue, ‘betrayal,’” he said."

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I must confess that I have been reading Before It's News for several months now and (walk with me just the moment here) when I first read this (which was sent to me by a close associate), I felt like the blur between the fantastical and/or always crying wolf folk at that site (which, as the people's news, has a lovely mix of both fantastical and 'possibility') had sludged over into the saner world...

A number of people who post at that site quote DHS insiders on a fairly regular basis. However, I am putting this one in my back pocket for possibility and would strongly suggest that readers hand it on, and wait to see what happens.

Keeping the deeds of darkness visible (as I have noted elsewhere) may help hold them at bey. At a point, that will no longer be possible.

And, also as noted elsewhere, if the government sees all, make what they see count.

What counts? Jesus Christ, Saviour, Redeemer, Son of the Living God...

And He is the one who made sure we all knew this was coming, long, long ago.

[Editor's note. Sometimes 'watchers' (I will call them that, instead of whistleblowers or 'insiders') end up dead.

When they do (as has been pointed out at Before Its News posts), it is done in such a subtle fashion that nothing seems amiss. Please remember to pray for these men and women who, under extreme danger, are still getting the word out.]

adding corporations to that proverbial place in your back pocket of eschatological possibilities

Vietnamese boycotting Coca-Cola on the suspicion about transfer pricing

Staff Reporter
Vietnam Net
5 June 2013

"Coca-Cola has fallen under suspicion of evading tax for the last many years because it has been continuously declaring loss over the last many years, since the day it began operation in Vietnam...

It is estimated that the sum of tax evaded by Coca-Cola over the last 10 years may reach trillions of dong, because Coca-Cola is holding the biggest drink market share in Vietnam with very big volumes of products consumed every year."

(Note:  1 Vietnamese dong equals 0.000048 US dollar. Ed.)

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CAVEAT (An update)
An interesting article at Vietnam Vet accuses several 'foreign' countries of trademark violations with its Buon Ma Thuot coffee, including a Rice Field company in America and Starbucks in Canada.

Quick research revealed that the trademark registered here in America for that coffee actually belongs to a Viet Nam association. Too, while I discovered a company website for Rice Field Corp., it had nothing in it but the generic template set in.

The official site for Starbucks did not show a coffee brand by the name of Buon Ma Thuot (which would not preclude their having a similar brand name trademarked and not in use, but the trademark registered here in America by the Viet Nam association does eliminate the charge that a Starbucks trademark prevents the Viet Nam association from protecting their own brand). [Updated for clarity with apologies to readers. Ed.]

Whether that contradicts what the article linked above is claiming or merely clarifies some of what they attempt is not the subject of this caveat. The wording of the article is difficult enough to suggest that it was translated into English via a web translating device.

Content might take a direct hit in such endeavor.

However, the caveat for all news remains under the head of agendas being driven by many: facts will suffer, in such a world.

With the recent revelation that Apple, while 'not doing anything illegal,' took advantage of tax shelters to avoid paying taxes here in America, however, the more generic point of the lengths to which corporations will pursue profit allows interest in the article linked above.

As readers will have noted by now, I take possibility seriously, and allow much to be considered as such.

At a point later (when news quiets down), several sites bookmarked in my files on corporations and the nefarious ways in which they earn their profit will be posted here.

The way in which many corporations earn their profits is a marker for all of us. Corporate gain with any degree of lack of moral foundation is both a charge that will be held against those of us who participate in that gain as much as it is a marker for the coming world order.

I know this is a more difficult matter for many to add to the eschatological brew, but as noted in another post, the fifth chapter of the book of James points clear prophetic fingers to our day...

it's not the future of "Islamic fundamentalists" we need to be worried about

Kathleen Taylor, Neuroscientist, Says Religious Fundamentalism Could Be Treated As A Mental Illness

Meredith Bennett-Smith
The Huffington Post
31 May 2013

"The author went on to say she wasn't just referring to the "obvious candidates like radical Islam," but also meant such beliefs as the idea that beating children is acceptable."

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  • this one's for us, m'dears
  • scientific invasion of freedom to choose faith in God
  • loss of fundamental right to survival as God's own
  • edging the doomsday clock closer to its hour

Science ‘may one day cure Islamic radicals’

Simon de Bruxelles
The Times
30 May 2013

"Kathleen Taylor, a science author and research scientist at the University of Oxford, said that strong, negative beliefs could be eradicated using techniques that were already under development."

This newspaper requires a subscription to read. The opening paragraphs are available on-line as a courtesy.

The day that comes when not just faith but any aberrant thought not approved by a ruling constituency will be regarded as a mental illness and will be cured...

How that will affect the future of Christian faith and thought is a given. 

Because of the 'fluidity' of the prophecies of Revelation, some degree of a future reality that is housed within a system more so than an individual (or, for some prophecy scholars, a religion) and includes technology, advances in biosciences and many other elements should be in the back pocket of all Christians.

Which is to say. For the final world order, we need to be aware of all elements that will shape its coming take-over. To limit our understanding merely to an individual—or, say, the Islamic radicals—or, perhaps, the United Nations...

Misses the point.

Global. Horror. Nothing ever like it before.

Nothing will ever be like it again. The very elect of our God will be at risk to be overcome...

Now. Let's read those articles again. 

above the utmost heights of the far northern star

Wireless bionic eye created by Monash University

Ben Pike
News Limited Network
8 June 2013

""It is part of a long list of new technologies that will invade the body.""

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  • like that word 'invade:' succinct; to the point
  • the coming deception: singularity
  • future image of the Beast?

How one Russian millionaire wants to save the world … with immortal cyborgs

Andrew Couts
Digital Trends
28 March 2013

"“All the problems that we’re experiencing now are because of the nature of the human being, which is body, of course, and consciousness,” says Itskov, his face glowing behind the screen of his MacBook Air. “The whole Avatar project, the whole 2045 paradigm, is to develop the new body, the new carrier for the consciousness; and to understand what the consciousness is; and to develop the potential of the consciousness in the future.”"

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Singularity 2045 (yellow arrows at bottom right are links to other pages)
A Paper by Ben Goetzl
In the Business Section of the NYT

"You said in your heart, "I will ascend to the heavens; I will raise my throne above the stars of God; I will sit enthroned on the mount of the Assembly, on the utmost heights of the north." Isaiah 14:13

Lucifer is a created being, as are we. No attempt to ascend to the heavens can truly create life outside of the 'already created' universe and what it allows of that creating...

For all the poetry of the images used, Lucifer can only ascend within the created universe of God—can only attempt to usurp God's position from within his specific physical 'reality' (or identity) as a created being: not as Creator. Which is purely the desire to all of his rebellion against God, and the pure fact of his future failure. He cannot become God.

He cannot create from nothingness. He can only 'create' from within the structure of 'already created.' Can only use what has already been created to seem to create.

How futile, given his aim, to only be able to create within those boundaries (using the tools, if I may) of what has already been created. The atomic structure, the laws, the reaction of certain elements to others...

All, already created. All, already the playing field.

A savagery and a brazenness, then, to this thrust forward to 'create' life and/or recreate what God has already set into place. No brave new universe can result from it.

How much better had Lucifer (and that third of angels, who followed him down from heaven)  understood that love (that divine Love) and the shadow of the wings of the Almighty was the better place to roost...

The price paid for rebellion remains knowledge of evil...

The price paid for rebellion is becoming all that is not-of-God...

Some dark place resident within the freedom God instilled into the very universe—some dark place from which He wished (and still desires) to shelter those He loves.

When you rebel against God, that place that is opposed to God begins to rule and define who you are. Seems so innocent, and so sweet...

So compelling...

However, what is being attempted and already navigated that very much trespasses those boundaries is a key element in the matter of how much time we have remaining before the clock ticks to the last of the hour...

should I think termites or swirling locusts?

EPA accused of singling out conservative groups

Eric Shawn
Fox News
4 June 2013

"Research by the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), a conservative Washington, D.C., think tank, claims that the political bias is routine when it comes to deciding which groups are charged fees. Christopher Horner, senior fellow at CEI, said liberal groups have their fees for documents waived about 90 percent of the time, in contrast with conservative groups that it claims are denied fee waivers about 90 percent of the time."

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Hat tip: Steve Quayle