Wednesday, June 12, 2013

how to destroy a nation 101

Obama Calls Constitution ‘Charter of Negative Liberties’ 

[from a 2001 interview]

12 June 2013

"In a chilling 2001 public radio interview, Obama said the Constitution was a “charter of negative liberties,” full of constraints imposed upon us by our Founding Fathers."

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and if only heroes could stay in place, frozen in a moment's pure hope [Updated]

Edward Snowden: US government has been hacking Hong Kong and China for years

Lana Lam
South China Morning Post
12 June 2013

""Things are very difficult for me in all terms, but speaking truth to power is never without risk,” he said. “It has been difficult, but I have been glad to see the global public speak out against these sorts of systemic violations of privacy.""

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Hat tip: Steve Quayle

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A Poem

Snowden Is Just the Straw Man Obama Needed*

* I believe, based on the most casual research any reader can do, that what Snowden revealed does go past mere 'already out there.' However, exactly how and where the whole plays into who, really, is playing whom, remains to be seen.

I do think that a hero is more than needed, with all the tensions out there, and distrust, and unrest. But those who are most adept at this sort of thing well know the power—more, the control—inherent in giving what was not even consciously recognized as critical [emotional] need, then retracting it...

Would that there were no concern that such folk were not active amongst us...Ed.

just in case...

High Profiling Doug Hagmann against NSA

Judi McLeod
Canada Free Press
12 June 2013

"As someone who has been a lifelong journalist, I know that the higher a person’s profile, the safer they usually are, and even though television and radio hosts are not exactly beating down his door to get him airtime, this is why I cling to the faint hope that anyone who picks up on Hagmann’s work will specifically identify him by name.

More worried about his family than himself, Hagmann, a God-fearing man, insists his faith will see him through.

If CFP readers continue to get his name out there the way they have been doing the last five days, Hagmann may be all the more safe from harm because of the high profile it affords him.

That’s why I find myself repeating to myself these turbulent days: “His name is Doug Hagmann”."

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what should already be self-evident

The Dirty Little Secret About Mass Surveillance: It Doesn’t Keep Us Safe

Washington's Blog
12 June 2013

Article provides quotes and links at large on several issues concerning the inability of the present and recent surveillance to accomplish its ends.

The human factor remains, regardless of technological advances (and assaults on privacy and freedom to come and go).

Something else driving the moment and best to keep room in the proverbial back pocket for what really might be going on...

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