Thursday, June 13, 2013

big brother or future world of the Beast?

Glenn Greenwald: U.S. wants to destroy privacy worldwide

Katie Glueck
7 June 2013

"“There is this massive surveillance state that the United States government has built up that has extraordinary implications for how we live as human beings on the earth and as Americans in our country, and we have the right to know what it is that that government and that agency is doing. I intend to continue to shine light on that, and Dianne Feinstein can beat her chest all she wants and call for investigations, and none of that is going to stop and none of it is going to change.”"

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  • because if even a trifle of what is in the history now is true, America is the final beast...
  • and if not, what comes after is going to really, really, really be sick

oh no...not the children, too

Belgian Parliament Posed To Approve Child Euthanasia Law

Connor Adams Sheets
International Business Times
11 Jun3 2013

""We all know that euthanasia is already practiced on children," he told the committee. "Yes, active euthanasia.""

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Hat tip: Natural News

violence against women IS a violation of standards (and law!)

Facebook allows graphic pro-rape content despite banning moms' photos of children with anti-GMO signs

Jonathan Benson
Natural News
11 June 2013

""We review the photo you reported, but found it doesn't violate Facebook's Community Standard on graphic violence, which includes depicting harm to someone or something, threats to the public's safety, or theft and vandalism," reads one response from Facebook as to why it did not remove a reported photo depicting a woman dead on the ground, blood all around her, with the wordplay caption, "I like her for her brains...

And yet at the same time, Facebook recently went after a mother who posted innocent pictures of her children holding up signs promoting clean, organic foods and questioning the safety of untested genetically-modified organisms (GMOs). As we reported, the mother of two, Andrea Lalama, had her Facebook account immediately suspendedupon posting the photos, as did another Facebook user who posted similar photos from the March Against Monsanto."

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that question of 'mission'

Obama ‘Strongly Objects’ to Religious Liberty Amendment

Todd Starnes
Town Hall
12 June 2013

"The Obama Administration said the amendment would have a “significant adverse effect on good order, discipline, morale, and mission accomplishment.”"

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  • good order
  • discipline
  • morale
  • mission accomplishment

At what point is religion—is faith in God—is living a life that is any degree, shape or form a response to the gift of God in Jesus Christ set against any of these?

At what point is good order breached by the perfect order that is the disciplined life in Christ, a pursuit of righteousness that St. Paul himself compared to the Olympic racer, who trained to run to win the prize of that disciplined righteousness?

Who in the same passage compared that perfect order to that of a soldier, who does not entangle himself in non-military matters but keeps his eye trained on pleasing his commander?

At what point is discipline at odds with that discipline that is of Christ?

At what point can morale ever be breached by the good soldier of the higher Master?

At what point is a mission's honourable accomplishment at odds with what Christ calls each of us to strive toward in our individual lives—certainly, in whatever endeavor and toward whatever goals any of us have, it is far better to trust a Christian for the outcome of an enterprise than a snake.

Which brings to the table. Exactly what sort of mission is this that Mr. Obama envisions for our military?

I remain uncomfortable with laws that set in place what is already there, because they open the door to challenge what is indelibly set and inalienable. Far better to stand our ground on what is indelibly set and inalienable without adding to it.

It stands on its own integrity.

Given the reality that we are pedaling hard to try to stay in place, however, no way to recover at this point without taking stands that, in a more ordered world, would be unnecessary. We are up against an adversary who is a serpent and a snake (and no, I was not referring to the present administration, or the man at its helm) who has the centuries in his arsenal, and much subtlety. 

The rebellion against God orchestrated by an angel whom a full one-third of the angelic host followed is not made of the patty-cake from which those who engage in subterfuge and toy on the level of mere humanity with all that is holy chant nursery rhymes.

When set against such an adversary, nothing plays fair, and restating what should be obvious becomes the inevitability.

The links listed below include a couple taken from gay rights websites.

But I say it again, exactly what sort of mission does Mr. Obama envision for our military. Even as he eyes this change in the entire moral landscape of the created universe, good order, discipline, morale and mission accomplishment are the foundation of the Christian life.

We are watching that shift wherein what is good is said to be bad and what is bad is said to be good and those who are weak and cannot be established in moral strength separate from law will be and are being devoured. This remains a central marker in the time line of the end, which remains the impetus for this blog: that we be aware of how much time is gone now.

That we clearly see the deceptions of the enemy.

That we configure all into knowledge of the hour and that, because of this, we are not led stray by the massive deceptions going on around us.

Oh, and one more thing. It's never about whether or not God loves us.

We know He does. Jesus died for us, so that the ancient wrong could be set right, and we could be atoned with God.

The question, rather, is whether we love Him...

For Jesus gave us the barometer against which to know whether or not we love Him: we obey His commandments.

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