Sunday, June 23, 2013

oh for a hero (reprise)

N.S.A. Leaker Leaves Hong Kong on Flight to Moscow

Keith Bradsher and Ellen Barry
The New York Times
23 June 2013

"A Moscow-based reservations agent at Aeroflot, Russia’s national airline, said that Mr. Snowden was aboard flight SU213 to Moscow, with a scheduled arrival there a little after 5 p.m. Moscow time. The reservations agent said that Mr. Snowden was traveling on a one-way ticket to Moscow."

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For all that resident blogger would indeed prefer that this matter had remained in the realm of a much-needed hero, this is becoming a problem. Global preferences to a one-day world order aside (and that would be by those in favour of such, and not resident blogger), I am one who sees that future order as implicitly seething, always, with a division into nations and national interests (which likewise subdivide) that is not going to magically disappear.

Unless, of course, the whole world becomes a.) Communist or b.) Islamic or c.) some future blend of Communist-Islamic, which, given the Sharia law which undergirds Islam, likely is not possible...

And that must be regarded as an aside, and dry, and ignores so very much frothing in the foam of concerns people are voicing 'out there' that its dryness must be noted, given the variances in understanding of the many who might drop by herein.

That said, whatever 'allies,' conversations and meetings we might have with Russia and China, a tension does remain between their countries and our own (and must, if we preserve the economic and government foundations that have been our defining points). Both Russia and China are Communist nations (properly, socialist republics).

Which we at present are not.

We still have the mystery of that comment Obama made prior to his second election—against some very interesting conspiracy theories about Obama having been groomed as a Communist—and others that detail a student named Barack Obama who studied briefly in Russia (and the Official Mother Jones Almost Every Obama Conspiracy Ever Chart, which appears to date from October 2012, does not include either; I cannot at present moment locate the citation for the latter theory and will update later if I have the time) (for new readers, again, am being most dry, in quoting Mother Jones as a source)—with proof lacking, these remain mere wisps of thought that tantalize...

Yet keep in the brew a question regarding where trust might be placed. Certainly, for a whistleblower to go to China for help when he has flown the coop, and then Russia, makes it most difficult to trust the young man's professed intent, but being young and likely wanting, for all the weight of that necessity to reveal, not to have to pay for having done so, still allows a bit of play room in the whole.

Where the question of Obama and Communism (how easily the wee lambs were led to slaughter, thinking what he really meant was a return to the ideals that graced this country's founding—a bloated, overfed, overstretched bureaucracy, is, after all, a bloated, overfed, overstretched bureaucracy) is one that likewise edges: is Snowden a false flag, planted by...?

Trust becomes the more difficult for all of us, and certainly, too much revealing (as the Internet allows) is as bad now as too little.

To be sure, this is a Christian blog, and reviews all through a very narrow lens of application to possibly being made of the 'stuff' of the last hour. In such constraint, trusting anybody outside of Christ our Lord would be naïve. And to impose upon God (in our trust) a demand that we will even have life (or safety) is outside the parameters of that hour.

Which goes back to counting the cost...

The real cost. Not the Hollywood and/or stuff of hero and legend version.

And yes, resident blogger realizes the disconnect between those two tallies, for each of us, walking around in the Miniver Cheevy fantasies that we do.

Wee lambkins works so well because of it...

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