Monday, June 24, 2013

let's just hope Gregory was playing devil's advocate

War On Journalism: Establishment Media Accuses Greenwald of Treason for Reporting On Snowden

Kurt Nimmo
June 24, 2013

"On Sunday, NBC Meet the Press anchor David Gregory said investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald “aided and abetted” former National Security Agency analyst Edward Snowden and asked why he shouldn’t be charged with a crime."

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NB: the coming shift in religion is already happening

Spain: "Soon the Muslims Will Be the Kings of the World"

Soeren Kern
Gatestone Institute
24 June 2013

"While radical Muslims are busy trying to Islamize Spain, Spanish politicians are busy removing all references to Christianity from public discourse...."

Article is very detailed; highly recommend.

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The coming shift to 'all things Muslim' needs to be on everyone's front page. I have a running track of links in my files but have not yet organized them into posts. Several notes from some of these links keep running through my mind...

Hat tip: Steve Quayle

as if law were this thing they summon

Plane for Havana Leaves Moscow Without Snowden

David M. Herszenhorn, Ellen Barry & Peter Baker
The New York Times
24 June 2013

"On a visit to New Delhi, Secretary of State John Kerry emphasized on Monday that Russia should send Mr. Snowden to the United States. "I would urge them to live by the standards of the law,” Mr. Kerry said."

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I chose the point quoted above because of mirth and fury. As if America has been living by the standards of law, à la Obama and his merry marauders!

Do they think waving a word across reality will fool people into believing that reality will actually conform to (and be) the word used? That law will be the soup simmering on the fire, merely because they have pronounced that the soup is law, when actually it is water and an old bone, dried out in the sun?

Only the most foolish fall to believing the masses (as they might think) can be so easily led...

I loathe bullies, and am ashamed to say that the United States of America, once-proud nation of the free, has descended to bullying, and of the vilest sort. I listened to the Today Show's* coverage of the latest in the Snowden saga this morning and was appalled at how often 'bully' was the only word that would apply to all that I heard.

Thank God Edward Snowden was not on that plane! Might it have been droned (or otherwise) out of the very sky, à la Michael Hastings, now gone from us, and countless others, too numerous now to list and careening across a wide range of enterprise and purpose met and now spanning too many presidents, not just the present one...

And does any sane individual believe law will follow Mr. Snowden here in this country and protect him from the forces that be in this country now? It is a sad day when the citizens of this once-great land, now in its sad twilight must think (and say) such things.

But let's not forget that what America has done (and is doing) is not made up of 'law' and that what Mr. Snowden was forced to do by all that is holy at least has the hope of recovering the law that has been transgressed (and in truth is likely lost to us forever)...

Ah yes, mirth and cold fury.

God go with you, young man, where ever you may travel.

Sen. Rand Paul (KY) said on CNN's State of the Union,"I do think for Mr. Snowden, if he cozies up to the Russian government, it will be nothing but bad for his name in history." While I agree (as noted, in a different fashion, in an earlier post) that one might quite find oneself identified by the company one keeps, and certainly get a bit nervous at the company Edward Snowden is keeping, my heart still goes to the courage invoked in his act against the very outrage of that lack of law-abiding to which this country is devolving.

And I shout it from the very rooftops: Mr. Snowden should be concerned about his place in history?

Indeed, rather should America be concerned about her place in history—and in that eternal place wherein justice will reign...

And misdeeds be finally made right.

So I vacillate still between those two extremes (as I am sure Sen. Paul likewise intended): here, a hero, working on behalf of the people and opposed to tyranny and able to quietly set right a most awful wrong—yet there, what is the dear boy going to do now and is he really on our side or...

And something of wisdom allows me to recognize that being the mother of a boy about Edward Snowden's age will allow a particular way of seeing—and something about the nefariousness of this hour mandates that seeing be trumpeted from the very rooftops of every home...

[Note. The link attached to Michael Hastings is from a questionable site. I insert it because, in all the theories now about what happened in the fiery crash that resulted in his death, I have not seen any one else mention drones. Highly recommend readers research the several YouTube videos of the crash and especially look at the condition of the burned vehicle: some of the later photographs cover the front of the car with a white sheet.

Get a look at the front of the vehicle before the videos are removed...

Also, do not mean to 'diss' Sen. Paul, and merely borrow what he said to illustrate a point for which its use was most needful. Ed.]

*Not intended as a lauding of the show: I have not watched Matt Lauer, et al, since the mistreatment of Ann Curry.

charged with espionage