Tuesday, June 25, 2013

and when America is destroyed...

Illegal Immigration = More Identity Theft, More Murder, More Rape And More Drug Dealing

Michael Synder
The American Dream
24 June 2013

"Thanks to very foolish U.S. government policies, it is incredibly difficult to immigrate to this country legally, but it is incredibly easy to immigrate to this country illegally.  So we are keeping out large numbers of good, honest, hard working people at the same time that we have given a giant green light to criminals and lawbreakers."

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sanctuary city(s) (2011)
1240 links, primarily crimes committed by illegal aliens (January 2010 to present)
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because somewhere God is singing, I give you life

Speech is developing even before the speech centers appear

Keith J Barrington
Neonatal Research
18 June 2013

"The brain is still very immature at that point, and those parts of the brain that we usually expect to respond to speech have not been properly constituted. Language really is hard-wired into our brains."

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Hat tip: LifeNews