Wednesday, June 26, 2013

the widening gyre

Child shot in DeKalb County Kroger parking lot

Mandi Milligan
CBS Atlanta
26 June 2013

"Police said a good Samaritan stopped an attempted robbery of a person a Chase bank.

The good Samaritan and the suspect somehow ended up in the Kroger parking lot. The suspect pulled out a gun and fired between eight and 12 shots into the good Samaritan's car.

One of the bullets struck a 2-year-old child in the car. "

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Thieves Take Over $900K in Watches in 30 Seconds

Christina Ng
ABC News
25 June 2013

"Police in Atlanta have been searching for a bold band of burglars who smashed a jewelry store case and stole more than $900,000 worth of watches in about 30 seconds at a mall store."

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Second smash-and-grab theft takes Buckhead store

Holly Pennebaker
11 Alive
26 June 2013

"In the Swiss Army Expo store near in the 3100 block of Peachtree Road NE and East Paces Ferry, two men entered the store just after 4:00, smashed a watch case with hammers and stole several watches."

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Jewelry store owner killed during robbery in Villa Rica

Portia Bruner
Fox 5
26 June 2013

"Four men went into Mobley Jewelers with hammers just after 1 p.m., according to the Carroll County Sheriff's Department. At some point, an employee was shot and killed."

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Colin Flahertys posts tracking a burgeoning black mob 'violence and lawlessness'

the Muslim question

Terrorist Attacks in Afghanistan Get Bolder

Zlatica Hoke
Voice of America
12 June 2013

"U.N. Special Envoy for Afghanistan Jan Kubis said that more than 3,000 people in Afghanistan have been killed or wounded since the beginning of this year, mostly by insurgents. "What is even of more concern is the fact that the children account for 21 percent of all civilians killed or wounded in 2013," Kubis noted. "This is an increase of 30 percent compared to 2012 and 34 percent compared to 2011.''"

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Talks on US security pact suspended (The Jerusalem Post)
Islamic Banking and terror financing in Bangladesh (India Blooms)
Suicide bombing in Pakistan kills twenty-seven (Voice of America)
Taliban accused of beheading two boys (Aljazeera) *
Taliban accused of beheading two boys (The Guardian) *
Two bases in Afghanistan closed after militant attacks ( The Washington Post)

the rule of numbers
but cannot 'spy' in mosques
a view from 2011 (with chart)
those pews removed from a Christian chapel
Congress and religious freedom abroad

* I have posted two links out of a huge plethora on the one item for perspective. The volume of stories on unrest in the Middle East are legion. I post only a few reports as this post, with other posts herein, is working (as many other independent journalists and bloggers are likewise) toward a particular point (actually, several), which requires keeping each of us aware of that unrest.

**New readers: A great many things 'out there' should be kept in the back pocket as reference and 'back notes' against future possibility. As a Christian eschatological blog, a narrow lens of application governs what news is posted herein. Unfortunately, as the hour edges near its end, even that narrowness widens its jowl.

Which is to say. As noted frequently, I believe the last hour needs to be viewed in regard to possibilities, many of which may indeed represent fulfillment of that exact last hour, while others will merely serve as false flags that have the power to dissuade and/or otherwise mangle so that Christians are led from the Truth into deception.

A ready plethora of 'maybe' options should always be kept in the back pocket, with the eye keenly trained on what Jesus said: when you see these things begin to happen, lift up your heads, for your redemption draweth nigh...

And we must work while it is day, for the night cometh, when no man can work.

In the last seconds of that hour, believing in the One whom God sent may be the only work left.

But we are not quite at that critical point yet.

Readers should likewise note that this blog is fashioned as a library reference type blog. While my hope is that readers will at least skim the links posted, they are cached for quick reference at any given point of need.

While we still have the Internet, it allows the very structure of 'news' to become a matter, not of yesterday's news fit now only to wrap today's fish, but rather, a linear line that can be restructured at will and/or need to fit news via category.

This new function of news is both a reshaping and a very recrafting to fit a far more relevant need, and is what rebloggers fashion out of awareness that news is the story (the connected line) behind the news....

[Note. This post was assembled half a week ago; I did not realize it had not been posted, and have added a couple more links, with a plethora of already-cached links that remain for another day. I have one more link that belongs with this set but do not have time to cross-reference and am thinking it has been posted at another cache. Ed.]