Tuesday, July 2, 2013

in this hour

Egypt: Christians Being Threatened Not to Join Protests

Raymond Ibrahim
Islam Translated
1 July 2013

"The message concluded by saying “If you are not worried about any of these, then worry about your children and your homes.  This message is being delivered with tact.  But when the moment of truth comes, there will be no tact.”  It’s signed by “People zealous for the nation.”"

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I am presuming that readers are familiar with the research and analysis done in the Christian community at large by Joel Richardson on a possible link between the Muslim Mahdi and the Anti-Christ. Through the years of studying various (and compelling) research of various scholarly levels about the specifics of the last hour, I stay at a place I call 'possibility.'

Whether the researcher has determined the final hour is orchestrated by Communism, the Roman Catholic Church, Islam or even UFOs, most researchers can fit their determination into Biblical prophecy exactly. That is not at all to diminish anyone's research or what is determined by that research but merely to consider the better option is to remain open to what might be happening and/or will at a future date.

Which is merely to say, excellent research and application out there. It's just better to keep all possibilities in one's back pocket until we edge nearer to that hour.

Again, that is not to dismiss the excellent research many have done. It merely serves to keep it broadened. All Christians should be aware of and watching for the hour. I have voiced this concern elsewhere, however, and merely remind because what is happening in the Middle East is acutely important, as (whatever its outcome), it follows Scriptural prophecy as well: the Middle East, to many researchers, is Scriptural prophecy. (I have reason to suspect the final hour will encompass all of the earth, but the sheer volume of both defending the topic and remembering possibility requires leaving the thought where it sits.)

Regardless, however, what is happening in the Middle East needs to be kept, not in the back pocket of possibility, but (as an earlier post reminded) held in the hand. Our country's leadership is intimately involved in bringing something to pass and all Americans need to stay aware of it.

Beyond that, however, people are dying. Christians are being wiped out of the Middle East. Children are being massacred. Others are being turned into terrorists and soldiers.

We will not be able to stand before the Judgment and say we did not know.

Agnosy in this hour (as in Hitler's Germany) is not an option...

an analysis of Obama's relationship with and actions in the Middle East

the man without a country

Snowden's Asylum Requests Draw Cold Responses

Paul Sonne, Gregory L. White & Te-Ping Chen
The Wall Street Journal
2 July 2013

"Responses to National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden's globe-spanning plea for asylum began coming in on Tuesday, as some countries offered outright denials while others issued reminders that he would need to make it to their soil to get an answer."

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Without a passport, Edward Snowden is not in a good place. Up to twenty-one countries now and not getting anywhere. A petition for his pardon at the White House site has exceeded the 100,000 needed for Mr. Obama to have to respond.

To be sure. We know what he will say before his mouth opens.

I am not surprised at Mr. Putin's handling of the matter: it is the response of a master, quite easily tossing an event in the hand, aware that, as he notes, Snowden will not desist from his actions.

Hat's off to Mr. Putin.

Not happy with Mr. Obama or the bullying response of his administration, et al. I don't like bullies. The words of the earlier post keep ringing in my head, superimposing them upon all: Snowden stood up for an ideal; Snowden acts to improve the lot of others; Snowden strikes out against injustice...

And Snowden sends forth a full river of hope, and one day history will know him so.

Whether Mr. Obama ever gets it or not.

Worried about Edward Snowden. But suspect he knew the cost before he started.

And in the meanwhile, world? Anyone out there? Hello? Asylum for Mr. Snowden?

And—at the very least—how about 'un-revoking' his passport, America?

one to keep held in the hand (foreground of thought)

FSA & Al-Qaeda: Fighting Under the One Flag

Syria Report
30 June 2013

"Syria Report has obtained several videos which further weaken the long-running argument which aims to distinguish between allegedly moderate — and extremist elements of the insurgency in Syria."

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Young Female Media Activist Executed by Syria Militants
Militants Behead Two Christians
Catholic Priest Executed
McCain's Visit to Syria
Massacre at Deir el-Zour *
Massacre of Christian village

* I believe this is the massacre wherein the toddler in the blue outfit was photographed, chained to a fence. Am trying to obtain confirmation on what happened and determine her whereabouts. I reviewed a number of videos last night and have also sent emails to several who might have more information.

The English version of the Syrian Truth page at Facebook did not post the photograph. Google translates the Arabic caption with 'monastery' set oddly into the text. In the Arabic, "deir" means monastery. The above report confirms that the Deir el-Zour massacre was against Shia Muslims, which the photograph itself states (in English).

YouTube has several videos posted  from many of these events (and from both sides of the conflict) but readers can research these as needed.