Saturday, July 6, 2013

"...when it somehow 'got released'..."

One dead and sixty missing as runaway train carrying hundreds of tons of oil derails and explodes in fireball... 

Jessica Jerreat
Daily Mail
6 July 2013

"The train's conductor, who was in a hotel at the town at the time of the crash, is being questioned by police, according to CTV News.

He had parked the train in Nantes, about 12km away, as he waited for someone to take over his shift, when it somehow 'got released', the railway company's vice-president Joseph McGonigle said.

'We're not sure what happened, but the engineer did everything by the book. He had parked the train and was waiting for his relief,' he added.

The train's engine was found about 1km from where the explosions took place, creating what authorities have described as 'a war zone'.""

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hearing voices?

Sky Deutschland to broadcast adverts directly into train passengers' heads

Andrew Trotman
The Telegraph
3 July 2013

"The proposal involves using bone conduction technology, which is used in hearing aids, headphones and Google's Glass headset, to pass sound to the inner ear via vibrations through the skull."

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The one redeeming thought is they are not sure yet that they will want to use it.

I am still looking at this one thinking it has to be a joke, but it is not April. I was not aware that 'bone conduction technology' could set voices into an individual's mind. However, this link explains the process and addends that Beethoven, who was almost completely deaf, could hear his music by biting a rod connected to his piano.

It seems, however, that a voice set into conscious thought is a different matter. Too, the idea that, for where ever else advertising goes now (not just popping up in windows on my laptop, even with virus control AND pop-up windows blocked; not just windows that knock me out of my seat because they leap out from literal nowhere, full-windowed, to demand that I buy a particular product a particular company seems bound and determined that I purchase; and not just reading my email and making certain all the ads set into the sites I hit cunningly remind me of every item I ever for a moment thought I might need—what matter that I ignore them so well: they coo so endearingly, come to me, little darling; you know you want to come to me)...

It can now enter into my very thought...?

That is something that, at the least, ought to startle (if not terrify) the public.

If one's thoughts are no longer private, what will the world become.

Too, although I have not yet posted on zombies (and I do not refer to the movies, there, but real events that have been happening at random around the world) and MK Ultra, a question regarding exactly how far the world has already gone in mind control is one of those 'fantastical' matters I track, and one day will set in here.

(A reminder that, even when an item might be fantastical, if a particular number of people accept it as true, it needs to be tracked.)

How far a leap is it from subliminal commercials (revealed as a hoax here against another view here) to commercials inserted into the thought process to 'suggestions' that the weak cannot withstand?

If commercials didn't influence purchases, do you think companies would devote quite so much money to create them?

We don't need more voices in our head. Some of us have too many already. Stress, indeed, might be regarded as a matter of having too many voices in one's head, and no way to shut them off.

And we don't need more commercials. Already have enough of them, too.

As for me, still waiting for someone to pinch me and tell me it's April Fool's Day. I didn't see this coming.

Because if this is real, things are hotting up at a most awful rate even beyond the previous hotting up at a most awful rate: they speed like missiles now toward that future totalitarian control that a great many are watching block all exit doors about us.

Just cannot believe they have mastered inserting thoughts into people's heads. Please. Tell me I am dreaming...

Don't know what is more disturbing: that a technology like this is being utilized for advertising or that no one is worried about it.

Am I the only one who finds the idea of private thought and/or the inside of my mind sacrosanct? With all the nefarious tortures already available, how long before intruding into your mind becomes a part of the process...

With 're-educating' already the way of totalitarian regimes, what power might setting thoughts into your very mind unleash...

Nah, this is just a dream.

Please. Tell me. A dream?

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