Wednesday, July 10, 2013

a fifteen year old girl...

Christian Girl Repeatedly Raped by Syria Militants

Syria Reports
7 July 2013

"The young girl was forced to marry fifteen militants, one every day – who then raped her and repudiated the marriage...

According to sources, the fifteen day period of being held captive and subjected to forced marriage and rape, culminated in her execution. "

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YouTube video about the fatwa
Article detailing fatwa from several sources authorizing rape
Fatwa to become prostitutes to help the cause

one quiet night in West Los Angeles

Details of Reporter Hastings' Death Remain Elusive

Kimberly Dvorak
San Diego 6
8 July 2013

"But the most significant missing evidence was the absence of any skid marks—even though the car made a 60-degree turn into a palm tree."

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I loathe bullies

Wal-Mart says it will pull out of D.C. plans should city mandate ‘living wage’

Mike DeBonis
The Washington Post
9 July 2013

"A team of Wal-Mart officials and lobbyists, including a high-level executive from the mega-
retailer’s Arkansas headquarters, walked the halls of the John A. Wilson Building on Tuesday afternoon, delivering the news to D.C. Council members."

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Someone else's tally of their sins
If you don't know this, you should

excessive (and did somebody forget we live in America?)

How one man's Facebook 'banter' is another's 'threat'

Stacy Teicher Khadaroo
The Christian Science Monitor
July 2013

" “I can see how law enforcement can be sensitive to those kinds of comments, and I’m glad that there’s a system to catch it,” he adds. But for Carter to be jailed for months based on Facebook comments taken out of context, with bail set at $500,000 – about five times higher than many murder cases – is an injustice."

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Teen jailed for sarcastic remark beaten up in jail, now on suicide watch
When A Teen's 'Sarcastic' Facebook Message Goes Terribly Wrong
Justin Carter Petition Reaches 100K Signatures

For Justin Carter 

Half a million dollar bail. Beaten up several times while in jail and now depressed and on a suicide watch. Tell me, where is the point that the word 'excessive' is understood?

UPDATE | 13 July 2013
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thanks to whom?

Kentucky church wants pastor gone after wife's column

Dylan Lovan
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution | Associated Press
10 July 2013

"Her column was done in response to the Southern Baptist Convention's opposition to a new Boy Scouts of America policy that welcomes gay members.

"Sexuality doesn't come up and isn't relative to typical scouting activities but now, thanks to Southern Baptists, the parents of little innocent scouts everywhere are having to have The Talk," she wrote June 19 in The Madisonville Messenger. "

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Angela Thomas does a weekly humor column for the newspaper in which her column about the decision of the Southern Baptist Convention regarding the Boy Scouts of America's recent change in policy regarding gay members was published.

I am just sorry to see her blaming the denomination for bringing sex into the conversation, as though the Christian church were responsible for this loss of innocence, rather than the LGBT agenda.

The article points out particulars that disagree with the headline: what happened and or is happening or will is certainly the business of the church and the parties involved.

under the boardwalk (we'll be having some fun)

My naked toddlers almost got arrested down the Jersey Shore

Jeff Edelstein
The Trentonian
9 July 2013

"Please note the guy did not come up to us, make a little joke, maybe tell us to hurry up. Nope. He just went right into the deep end. And he kept going, as the next thing I hear him say is this: “I’ve got two naked people on the boardwalk.”"

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Taken from the 1964 hit by The Drifters. Don't know if Mom and Dad had fun on this one but it sounds like the wee ones were singing...