Monday, September 9, 2013

and pedophilia...

Too Much Tolerance: Pedophilia Debate Hits Germany's FDP

Florian Gathmann, Ann-Katrin Müller and Christian Teevs
Spiegel Online
5 September 2013

"In November of 1982, Germany's business-friendly Free Democratic Party (FDP), today the junior coalition party of Chancellor Angela Merkel's ruling conservatives, threw a party at the close of its federal convention. The invitations promising "disco and discussion" went out not only to party members who had participated in the convention in Berlin, but also to a selection of gays, lesbians -- and pedophiles. The invitation bore the FDP logo, emblazoned at the bottom right, and explicitly welcomed "Lesbians and Liberals, Gossips and Sisters, Celebrities and Pederasts.""

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scientific experiments that are invading the sanctity of the brain

Mind Control and Narrative Psy-Ops

Julie Beal
Activist Post
29 August 2013

"Focused ultrasound can deliver, “complex spatiotemporal patterns of acoustic waves” to achieve similar results to TMS, but has a spatial resolution which is five times greater, and can reach far deeper into the brain, meaning a lot more can be done with it, such as:

  • neurological/psychiatric intervention
  • cognitive enhancement
  • behavioral reinforcement
  • TBI (traumatic brain injury) protection
  • pain intervention
  • anxiety/stress reduction
  • long term alertfulness/wakefulness
  • navigational commands/assistance

Ahem! Did you notice “behavioral reinforcement” on that list? Are you thinking Pavlov’s dogs, aka operant conditioning? You’d be right – ultrasound delivered via a CBI can be used to activate reward pathways (dopamine) in the brain, which,“may be used to condition and/or reinforce certain desired attributes and/or to motivate specific behavioral actions . . ."

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The above article has a number of different brain activity experiments. I merely chose one to highlight as a tease to introduce the article. These are things about which we should all be very concerned.

Melding of minds over internet
The science as of October 2011
The Case for Posthumanity
False memory implant in mouse brain
Reading your thoughts before you think them (2008)

if even a portion of this article is true...

Monsanto leading super-secret 'above Congress' Obama trade scheme to outlaw GMO labeling worldwide

Mike Adams
Natural News
9 September 2013

"Details of the TPP are so secret that even members of Congress are not allowed to review them or disclose them. What we know about the TPP has only come from leaks, as the full text of the entire agreement is being kept not only from Congress but also the American people. Yet over 600 corporate CEOs -- including CEOs of companies that have been repeatedly found guilty of felony crimes in America -- have been allowed to influence the details of the TPP agreements. Monsanto, Wal-Mart and Big Pharma corporations are reportedly given top influence positions in this super-secret Obama organization that hands the future of the world over to the most evil corporations of all time."

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