Friday, September 20, 2013

[2nd UPDATE] urgent prayers needed for Dr. Henry Blackaby again

Southern Baptist Leader Henry Blackaby, Author of 'Experiencing God,' Is Missing

Alex Murashko
The Christian Post
20 September 2013

"Urgent prayer requests are being asked for pastor and internationally known author Henry Blackaby, who has been missing since late yesterday afternoon, last seen in the South Atlanta area."

I studied Dr. Blackaby's classic, Experiencing God, some while back. It is an excellent course in the charismatic infilling known as the baptism of the Holy Spirit (although the coursework makes no such claim for itself).

Please take a moment to stop and pray for Dr. Blackaby.

Please keep him, and his family, in your prayers.

UPDATE: The Blackaby family reported on their website late Friday evening that Dr. Blackaby has been found, and his health issues are being addressed. The Christian Post, quoting The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, notes that Dr. Blackaby was located alone in Tifton, Georgia, around nine p.m. A Mattie's Call had been issued for Dr. Blackaby, who is diabetic, and was without his insulin.

Tifton, Georgia is around two hours south of Atlanta and is south of Macon, on Interstate 75. Dr. Blackaby and his family live and worship in towns in the southern metropolis of Atlanta.

God be praised, and His trustworthiness in watching over His sheep remembered....

The Blackaby family reported yesterday that Dr. Blackaby had suffered a mild heart attack while on his way to pick up his wife from an appointment, which resulted in the initial disorientation that kept him driving for twenty-nine hours, until he was found. As previous notes report, Dr. Blackaby is diabetic, and did not have his insulin with him.

However, reports this morning are again requesting urgent prayers, as Dr. Blackaby is in need of at least four bypass surgeries, and immediately (possibly Sunday), and his heart is not strong.

Joining in prayer for God's grace and mercy in watching over this gentle giant, and his family, and beseeching those of others....