Friday, September 27, 2013

seventy-one people still listed as missing

Kenya shopping mall attack: Nairobi hostages were tortured before they were killed, says police doctor

Catrina Stewart
The Independent
26 September 2013

"Ghoulish accounts on the fate of the hostages have circulated Nairobi and there have been claims that the military was forced to blow up part of the Westgate complex not just to bring the siege to an end, but to end the appalling suffering of hostages amid reports that hostages were raped, and others beheaded and their heads thrown out of the windows."

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ugly people doing ugly things

The Ugly Face of Tyranny: Feinstein Comes For Your Right To Speak Freely Online

Mac Slavo
26 September 2013

"And for those out there who don’t have a blog or web site where they share news, videos, information and criticisms of government, consider that the Feinstein amendment doesn’t refer to just web sites. It covers all internet venues. It’s not about how the information gets out there, it’s about the individual or organization disseminating it."

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While I am not so certain yet whether the several articles I have read on the subject might be overreacting to the threat or not, the possibilities that both freedom of the press and freedom of speech might be abridged remains something to keep in the forefront of thought...