Monday, October 7, 2013

if you haven't been keeping up...

Obamacare subjects entire nation to ransom demands of coercive government

Mike Adams
Natural News
4 October 2013

"There is a reason DHS, FEMA and every police department across the country has been buying military assault vehicles, tanks, machine guns and barricades, folks. Even the ACLU can't believe how rapidly local police departments are "going military" and acquiring military-grade hardware.

At the highest levels of government, there is a certainty that mass nationwide riots are now inevitable. In fact, many in government probably can't believe the American people haven't already marched on Washington."

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Things are hotting up in many portions of the country. I remind, however, that the very real possibility remains that individuals and/or administrations (we won't say who or what or where) there are that might be hoping that the American people will revolt.

The very righteous indignation against much of what the president and his administration are stirring up needs to be held against the reality that at this point in American history, any civil unrest would be unevenly matched. In the Civil War of the late 1800's, each side had the same type of weaponry. Guns to guns, cannons to cannons, horse to horse and man to man.

That is no longer the way things are. I don't refer merely to guns. Planes, drones, bombs, spies, terrorists—some even believe mind control is happening at large (and if readers are new to this site, please check out some of the posts that reblog recent scientific 'advances' in computer and brain melds).

Whether we are being 'primed' to explode has to be kept in the forefront of thought. Again, many there are who don't keep up with what is out there now, save what is on the national news and/or in the many emails that get forwarded at large across the nation.

Not a good time to not be keeping up, if only to observe the pulse of the nation.

Some things are worth dying for. The rest, we need to be careful that, no matter how riled we are, we stay aware of what the current administration is doing—and what it might be attempting to provoke.

and hold on to your hats

Mutiny: Retired Navy captain plans blockade to protest closure of Florida waters

7 October 2013

"Ross is now calling for “every charter boat fisherman across Florida, Louisiana, Texas and Alabama (who is able) to get his or her vessels ready for underway for a coordinated mission to recover your stolen rights as Americans.”"

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Feds close Florida oceans: Florida Bay Charter owner says ‘they’re killing us
Attention Charter Boat Fishing Captains across Florida
The Mike Flynn post (reposted here earlier)

A great many observers believe Mr. Obama is inching toward declaring martial law. As such, he may be deliberately antagonizing so that his aim is met.

While I am not for a moment dissauding true Americans from doing what must be done, at any point along the way, I remind that, if such is his goal, we don't want to play into a monster's hands...

And that said, readers, remember prayers for all of us at this time. If you have been following any of the unrest that is out there in the patriot and other blogs, this is a most dangerous time for our country, and our people.

mark your calendars for the Constitution

It's Time to Kick [-] and Take Names

Dr. Sharon Schuetz
Lady Patriots
5 October 2013

"On Friday, October 11th through Sunday, October 13th the American truckers are planning an event called, Truckers Ride for The Constitution”. Thousands of truckers plan on driving their rigs to Washington DC to shut down the city with a ‘supersized’ traffic jam. Others are planning to do the same at their state capitols. Many truckers can’t take off to Washington DC, but they have refused to haul anything during this pivotal 3 days. There will be no gas delivered to stations, groceries delivered to the local grocery store, and myriad of other products won’t be delivered if it depends on an 18 wheeler.

What can you do to help? After all, you don’t drive a truck. There are 8 things most of us can do. You can do what millions of others plan to do from Friday through Sunday night.
  1. You can show your solidarity with the truckers by refusing to spend any money on those days. None, zilch. Don’t participate in any commerce at all. Fill up your car with gas on October 9th. Buy your groceries, pay your bills, get cash out of the bank, and stock up on needed supplies beforehand. Just don’t buy anything at all during this important revolt.
  2. Find your closest Overpass to Impeach Obama group and go hold a sign up to encourage the truckers. If you can’t physically go to an overpass, help someone who can by helping make signs and gather flags for others to hold up.
  3. Drive with your lights on in solidarity with the truckers and honk, wave and smile at them as they pass you
  4. Fly your flag at home.
  5. Put signs in your yard.
  6. Post encouraging memes etc. on Facebook
  7. Wear red, white, and blue
  8. Call and/or email your representatives in Washington and let them know that a few thousand of your closest friends are headed their way to deliver a message from you."

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