Monday, October 14, 2013

excellent history lesson

Dates that Destroyed America

Chuck Baldwin
News with Views
10 October 2013

"The 14th Amendment created a whole new class of persons: "citizens of the United States." This false notion of "one nation" overturned the Jeffersonian principle that our nation was a confederated republic, a voluntary union of states."

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Hat tip: Steve Quayle

[Editor's note. I chose one point from the article to give a sense of the detail. Well worth reading.]

the Episcopal presence in...

...the 43rd Annual Gay Pride Parade in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Episcopal Church rolled by on a float this year.

These photographs were taken near 10th & Piedmont at the last block before the parade ends at Charles Allen Drive, where the paraders spill over into Piedmont Park. The Episcopal Church had a booth in the park, but I did not venture into the park to view it.

The American Anglican Council notes that this is the sixth year that the Diocese of Atlanta has taken part in the parade. All Saints Church has hosted an Integrity Eucharist for twenty-five years. The Council lists other parishes who participate in the Pride activities. I encourage readers to visit their link for greater detail, if interested.

Curiously, the link (from the church site via Google) for the Integrity Eucharist is no longer available.

I do not have details on how long these other parishes within the Diocese have participated in the historic Atlanta weekend. However, this is the third Pride Parade wherein I have tracked the Episcopal presence, and can note that in 2011, clergy from at least one church (which I shall leave unnamed) walked in the parade, one of whom (at least) looked like a very unhappy camper.

Whether the many lining the streets at 10th & Piedmont are indicative of those that lined the entire parade route is not known; the block has a popular gay bar (and is that last block before the parade ends at Piedmont Park) and once housed a gay bookstore and coffee house.

I heard more sirens through the afternoon than is usual for events at the park. The boisterous crowd died down a bit, as evening fell, although I could still hear some sounds of the partying that caroused through the afternoon, where I sat in my living room, a block and a half from 10th (and distinguished from those parties within the neighborhood where I live).

Compared to the 2012 parade, a much larger number of parishes from the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta participated this year.

The Episcopal denomination is not the only Christian church to choose to align itself with gay rights. This year's parade included Catholic, Jewish, Lutheran and other Christian entities, one of which startled a parade watcher, who asked a friend whether or not 'the Catholics could do that.'

I also do not remember a Jewish presence in earlier parades.

[UPDATE for clarity: The Jewish faith is not a Christian faith, although the Christian faith was once a part of the Jewish. Apology. Very early in the morning after.]

Readers should note many signs are turned from the camera and the parishes they represented could not be ascertained. With ninety-six congregations in the Diocese (some sources say one hundred and nine), it may be presumed that some parishes still hold themselves separate from gay rights in the Diocese.

I watched a brief-clad dancer on a float mimicking sexual activity by pretending to pull his briefs up and down (and all but did) while gyrating suggestively. When I turned the camera to him, however, he stopped. (This is not the same individual as those pictured in the other post.)

Because this is a blog that is centered in Jesus Christ, Redeemer, Son of the Living God, I might remind that God loves, but His love is not license. His love seeks to set us free from what is coming down the tube.

The parade has been, as is said, toned down over the years. But a great deal remains that gives clear evidence of the critical mistake made when the love of God is linked with a parade (if I may) of sexual license and more.

St. David's, Roswell; St. Benedict's, Smyrna; St. Francis, Macon; Grace-Calvary, Clarksville

Church of the Resurrection, Sautee; St. Teresa's, Acworth; St. James, Macon; Ascension, Cartersville; St. Matthias, Toccoa

Christ Church, Norcross; Trinity, Columbus?

St. Andrews, Ft. Valley; St. James, Macon; St. Peter's, Rome; St. Anne's, Atlanta?
Advent, Madison; Absalom Jones Chapel
Holy Innocents, Atlanta
St. Teresa's, Acworth; St. Peter's, Rome; St. James', Macon
St. Bartholomew's, Atlanta

a brief view of...

...the 43rd Annual Gay Pride Parade in Atlanta, Georgia.

Photograph taken in the final block of 10th & Piedmont before the parade ends at Charles Allen Drive and spills into Piedmont Park. I did not stay for the entire parade this year.

another report from the Ride for the Constitution

Day 3: Negative US Media Coverage Fails to Stop Constitutional Truckers and Veterans Moving on DC

21 Wire
13 October 2013

"From early Sunday morning, Lee reported that the number vehicles on the roads have been building. Lee stated, “We got flags flying, horns honking, rigs, trucks and other vehicles stretching 10 miles along interstate 495 in Maryland. I cannot see an end to it, everyone has their flashers on.”

“We’re running at 42mph, and these people in the other lane are riding alongside us. We’re sending a message.”"

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