Tuesday, October 15, 2013

covert CIA operative? really??

BOMBSHELL! Jim Garrow Reveals Career As Covert CIA Operative...

Now the End Begins
7 October 2013

"In addition to revealing that Andrew Breitbart had been killed under orders from Obama administration officials, he also said that spy thriller novelist Tom Clancy had also be[en] killed in much the same way, and for the same reasons. "

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I had had a feeling something was a bit too 'off,' even in the virtual world I travel now, replete with what are called 'conspiracy theories' now, but once might have been the stuff of those 'newspapers' you still see on the grocer aisles: Martian landed in my back yard! With photos!

To be sure, where the line divides on what may indeed one day prove to have been 'real' all along is not so easy now. Not when even Congress has been asking why particular groups in the government are buying such huge amounts of ammunition...

Mr. Garrow's name, however (the doctorate is honorary; I won't point out that it may be questionable as well), kept coming up in a number of sites I read on a fairly regular basis, and all with glowing accounts of the man and his biography. Nobel Peace Prize nominee. Renowned author and humanitarian. Founder of The Pink Pagoda, a rescue mission for Chinese female babies.

But covert CIA spy?

Tonight, settling down to listen to a twenty-one minute video interview with the man, Mr. Garrow gave a few details that I knew I could backtrack.

Imagine my surprise when I turned up these!

The last article both incorporates the review posted above and spins that Mr. Garrow is a product of a "Zionist Trail.' The article is noteworthy (if you bypass the rant), however, because it lists exactly what I discovered when I began researching Mr. Garrow. He is quite a presence on conservative sites.

Some of them very well-known conservative sites.

A great many of the alternative journalists speak of Mr. Garrow as an old and respected friend.

Many stories that get a lot of press in the conservative/patriot sites (those I read, but as yet often still must call 'fantastical') circle ad infinitum through other sites, and perhaps gain in stature (believability?) as they roll through the sites—how many of these stories are made of the same sort of looseness with facts?

I've asked this question before, and the answer, unfortunately, is not that we can trust all that we are seeing on the evening news...

But are we left with only what we can see with our own eyes?

Trust is at such a low premium these days.

This, however, if the most cautiously laid-out information on Mr. Garrow should prove true, is most distressing. The ease with which we are led like lambs to slaughter saddens...

A well-said cautionary note
From an anti-conservative voice (a bit spicy)
The Behtune Institute

simply for those who don't really think it will happen

Personal Protection for Grid Ex 11

Dave Hodges
The Common Sense Show
15 October 2013

" If you are convinced as I am that the collapse is on the near horizon, you should have a bug out location outside of a major metropolitan area and once you see the signs, don’t wait to act, go right away. You will not have 72 hours to get where you are going. And your bug out location must be well within a tank of gas."

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As a city girl who does not own a car (or earn enough to prep, even if I weren't aware that whatever I might have saved would be ransacked—whether by the Feds or a violent citizenry), if the SHTF, I am soup.

However, might be anyway: if a nefarious group exists, as many believe it does, and IF that nefarious group operates in quite the manner that many presume it does (i.e., delighting in 'hidden in plain sight' sort of "warnings"), Revolution's choice to have a nuclear bomb hit Atlanta is the sort of hidden in plain sight that gives a wee girl nightmares!

Not to disagree with the many, however, who have been tracking these things. Their fervency alone necessitates a wary eye to America's future: way too many pointers now for a coming disaster, and a multi-faceted one, caving in at too many points to be mere imagination.

Note from Editor. This one was set out without a back-link or quote. Have repaired, with apology.

if only it were true...

Obama Impeachment Hearings Begin

14 October 2013

These satires and hoaxes are part of what makes keeping things accurately posted for rebloggers quite the nuisance...

But maybe, one day, this one will be the story heard round the world?

one of perhaps several reasons why

Obamacare's Website Is Crashing Because It Doesn't Want You To Know How Costly Its Plans Are

Avik Roy
145 October 2013

"...Obamacare wasn’t designed to help healthy people with average incomes get health insurance. It was designed to force those people to pay more for coverage, in order to subsidize insurance for people with incomes near the poverty line, and those with chronic or costly medical conditions."

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and the people roar

Priest sues Obama Admin: No Mass allowed on Naval Base, Church locked

John-Henry Westen
Life Site News
15 October 2013

"A Catholic priest in Georgia has filed a lawsuit after he was barred from even volunteering to offer Mass at Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base."

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having counted the cost...

Calling All Patriots! Oath Keepers Establishing Rotating Honor Guard to Ensure WWII Veterans’ Access to Their Memorial

Stewart Rhodes
Oath Keepers Blog
14 October 2013

"In yet another intolerable act, the Obama Administration has ordered the barricades back up at the World War II memorial, even after angry veterans, Oath Keepers, and dedicated citizens tore down the barricades at the World War II memorial on Sunday, and dumped them at the White House gates."

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Hat tip: Countdown to Zero Time

and a reprise on Obamacare

Warning: Enrolling in Obamacare allows government to link your IP address with... 

Mike Adams
Natural News
10 October 2013

"During the enrollment process, your computer also hands over your IP address which is then tied to your social security number."

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