Thursday, October 17, 2013

Revelation 13:4

Device capable of disabling car and boat engines from 50 meters away in under three seconds unveiled

Madison Ruppert
End the Lie
17 October 2013

"A new radio-beam device has been unveiled that can disable car and boat engines from up to 50 meters away in under three seconds and can be operated from a mobile platform or at a fixed location."

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Revelation 13:4 illustrates a particular element of the last hour by a Beast, of whom people will say in wonder, Who is like the Beast?

And, Who can make war against him?

It is that last quote that must be emphasized. So many of our patriots, as I noted elsewhere, tend to think in Civil War terms. Equal against equal assailant.

In the last hour, no one will be able to take on the Beast.

While I do not at all wish to suggest that we cannot (should need ever arise) do battle against the forces that oppose all that is holy, the whole of it should be more like the Resistance in WWII and less of this idea that we will engage someone in battle, expecting some degree or another of equal capability.

I am not at all saying that we should go to war. As have noted elsewhere, some things there are that are worth dying for, and when we come to that point, it will be a brave and necessary dying.

However, we are already technologically outnumbered. While the focus of this blog is an attempt to portray portions of what the world is experiencing now that might be the prophecies foretold in Revelation, it dovetails quite easily with what America is experiencing now.

That said...

Exactly how far can a patriot go on foot, once his car is disabled?

And—should we be assuming all those fancy computerized cars had an ulterior motive (as many of us thought long ago)...

And would the same device work on non-computerized cars? (Are boats computerized—or is this device capable of stopping engines regardless?)

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just a kid, Bible in hand...

I'll Take Anyone: Orphan's Heartbreaking Plea to Church Congregation...

Billy Hallowell
The Blaze
16 October 2013

"Davion is desperate to leave the group home where he resides. Like other children, he wants a family to care for him, love him and tell him that he’s worth something."

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Naples News


Let's keep this one going. Hand it on. Somewhere, a place in God's Kingdom that has a home for this young man...