Saturday, October 19, 2013

so shoot yourself already

A Call for Secession & If Necessary Civil War

Shea Bernard
Freedom Outpost
17 October 2013

"Our country is being bankrupted, our morals and religion destroyed by all manner of perversions and horrors, our top military generals and leaders fired, our borders left wide open, deceptive legislation designed to subvert our freedoms and our way of life are being passed with little to no resistance, and our status as superpower almost gone. This is all by design, moves on the chess board."

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As I meander about in many waters, I find I begin to swim in their rising tide.

Not such an odd thing, to be sureI perhaps would not be swimming here, after all, were I not somehow a member of the family, so to speak. I post the above (and this commentary), however, because I did something I rarely do, when I read it: comment therein.

Opens up a whole can of worms (especially since a native modesty keeps me from tooting my own horn, which, quite frankly would have been the more sensible item: I blog, and do so for a reason). It is not done, however, and glad I am for it. (Some comment communities do link back to blogs, for bloggers; I do not know why Disqus does not, or how I got caught up in registering for it. Very complicated out there now, as we all know!)

Comments seem to bear a close resemblance to road rage: they happen from impassioned and often lost to the moment fury, without forethought or restraint.

Seethe out onto a page and ricochet, then, from individual to individual.

The title of this post comes from a paraphrase of a comment someone made to my attempt at doing what I do here: warn from clearer vision. It is what we do, and must do, within a community. Not a lording over, but a humble necessity to hand on what we see, as much as listen when others see.

That is perhaps the defining point of humanity, and why community is what defines the Body of Christ.

I struggle always to at least get 'out there' what is seething now in many places, and impacts us all. Whether factual or not, if it is the pulse of a nation, it needs to be known by all. (And yes, I do avoid most liberal thought. Enough of that out there: my focus is on the turmoil stirring on the home court.)

Readers will remember that I edge often toward leaving this blog, for many reasons, one of which is the deception of the present day: who can we believe now? Will we only be able to believe what we can see with our own eyes. Too many have agendas, and use whatever they can find as a weapon against an enemy.

Christ did not do that. He spoke only Truth. No agenda.

For those many of us who are called to be His own, that must be the road we hew here through the boulders. We may fail, due to another's lack of restraint (or our own), but always, to get up and continue, maybe only the few feet higher up this mountain, our own eyes blinded perhaps, here and there, by the night about us, as much as the broken dust which boulder becomes as you pummel it into sliver, so that you can work your way through...

Yet that rising up again to shatter more stone remains the necessity.

To say that we are not in a troubled time is to engage in mere dream. To want to not be a part of itto want, always, to curl up before the evening news, trusting what vision of America it sets out, lulling to a quiet slumberwhy that is a given. But that place of curled in safety before a particular vision of America is not the way of it now, and would that it were that all knew it.

The prophet Amos spoke of times of great travail, and warned that the prudent stay silent in the midst of them (Amos 5:13). But again, we who are called to be the Body of Christ certainly know that safety may buy a lifetime, but it forfeits life (Mk 8:35-37).

However, it has long been a tactic of war to deceive, and freely, and sow discontent and confusion thereby. Many warn, and frequently, against this blogger (or independent journalist) or that, sowing multiple seeds of confusion. Too, within the Church people cordon themselves off to 'of this denomination' or that one: they render themselves incapable of hearing anything outside their 'set.'

Dangerous place to be these days, where once, staying only within your set was a certain place of safety. But Truth is not the cache of only one set, and many communities these days want to believe it is: wall yourself in and all others out, and you will lose very necessary items of wisdom another set might contain...

But many there are to whom the very term 'dangerous' seems made of rabble-rousers and...

Those not in our set...

That same Christ who spoke Truth-only warned that we must be as innocent as doves yet as wily as serpents. And may have been known to lambaste His own against their naïvetéI will leave that in as a possibility, although I do not have the time to prove it at the present moment.

Wily as serpents is not subterfuge, but it is as close to 'agenda' as I wish to be set. Which is to say. Where we are set in as 'wily as serpents' is the proper place to be—and always, in the very moment of being so, tempered by that innocence of a dove.

Many quite rightly fear that Mr. Obama, elected (so they say) leader of our great land, is attempting to provoke the citizens of this land to rebellion, so that martial law (and force) may be set out over this land.

Yet a great many are still not so very much aware that any of this is happening.

My reply of this morning that, fortunately or otherwise, I could not get posted at the site above (which was edging toward one thousand comments when I checked the site last) follows:

A keen recognition of Rev. 13:4 (which I did not address here but, thankfully, see someone else did) doesn't mean that we should not fight against tyranny or struggle through to a defense of freedom...  
I just recognize the necessity for utmost cautionand the necessity for a total awareness of the capability of the enemy (theoretically speaking, to be sure) against whom all who are free inevitably war...  
And recognize that Scripture tells us that one day an enemy will arise who will 'overpower the saints.'  
Rolling over, however, and conceding defeat (when that enemy is come) is not the way of the faith. Just the inevitable, after we have done all that we can do. Whether we are now at that timewell, too early to tell yet.
That we are in the hands of a tyrant, howeverwell, in the land of the once-free, I don't think that cannot be said. If you doubt, however, the danger in having said so (and been heard)Google Tom Francois. 
The Resistance was the way of it in occupied lands. A ready sense of 'occupied' is already the way of it here: don't take NSA surveillance lightly! 
To suppose that military battle against a force that, at the very least, could destroy an entire city with a nuclear bomb before you have even got a cry to arms out into that cityto suppose that battle might be possible remains the stuff of nursery school bravado. We are not playing with toy soldiers.
Yes, the British seemed vastly more 'prepared' than the Colonists! Who learned to fight dirty!
But the two opponents fought with equal weaponry. 
You didn't have guns against atomic bombs.
You didn't have tanks against depleted uranium.
They control the Internet, my dears, for all the 'freedom' we seem to enjoy in this country. How do you think China (and other countries) can restrict usage to whatever they deem permissible?
And, again, that is only a few illustrations of why I keep warningwhat is happening now has never happened before. Enemies have always fought each other (up until WWII) with equal arms.
Even the British against the Colonists. Numbers do not change that equality. The weaponry each side used was the same. Guns against guns. Warship against warship. Same weapon potential. 
That is all I have been saying. A clear knowledge of what your enemy can do is the first step in any onslaught against that enemy. If you are a patriot, you are already marked as a potential enemy of America... 
The pulse of this nation rises up, yes, against a tyrant. That is a given. 
But to discuss online anything beyond mere theories of war is, again, nursery school bravado. In this day, that is a dangerous matter. 
A good time to (if I may) keep our noses clean. Or at the least, our hearts... 
Wary, always, is wise. After all, we are merely discussing theories of war, here...
Readers should note that Tom Francois got in trouble because of the size of his followers. A great many out there are banging pots and pans as if the call of a drum to war. But not so many have the readership (as nearly as I can determine) that made Francois a danger. Other sites, certainly, that are independent journalists, have a larger readership.

But Francois was (and is) merely an individual, and less likely, perhaps, to have had a ready attorney to take on those who came knocking at his door?

Far easier to 'make an example to others,' in such case, who might likewise not govern their tongues so wisely.

Something brews now, however, and yes, it slouches toward Bethlehem to be born...

[Quote by W. B. Yeats, The Second Coming (1919).

I am at present moment reading Charlotte Grey again - fourth time, maybe? It is a novel I cherish, for many reasons. However, several of the novels of Sebastian Faulks are set within the Resistance of World War II, as are those of Alan Furst. Excellent books for an easy slide into at least a semblance or beginning point to understanding we are not playing patty-cake in America right now.

The link which follows "martial law (and force)" is borrowed because the Hebrew word for fortresses has confused many scholars. It is curious to me that it is a word closely related to a word for force.

And sounds terribly close to something we may be seeing unfold now, set firmly within, as noted, military might such as even St. John could never have adequately described.

Whether the prophecies of Daniel or St. John refer to our day, again, remains to be seen. Many there are, including resident blogger, however, who keep a cautious eye on that possibility. Ed]