Monday, October 21, 2013

because a man's home is indeed his castle

Who Will Protect You from the Police? The Rise of Government-Sanctioned Home Invasions

John W. Whitehead
Canada Free Press
21 October 2013

"James Otis, a renowned colonial attorney, “condemned writs of assistance because they were perpetual, universal (addressed to every officer and subject in the realm), and allowed anyone to conduct a search in violation of the essential principle of English liberty that a peaceable man’s house is his castle.” As Otis noted:

“Now, one of the most essential branches of English liberty is the freedom of one’s house. A man’s house is his castle; and whilst he is quiet, he is as well guarded as a prince in his castle. "

because if you didn't know this one was coming...

Girl smuggled into Britain to have her 'organs harvested'

Steven Swinford
The Telegraph
18 October 2013

"Child protection charities warned that the case was unlikely to be an isolated incident as traffickers were likely to have smuggled a group of children into the country."

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"it was a game" [UPDATED]

Is this the most sickening image of the war in Syria so far? Snipers 'target unborn children in chilling competition to win cigarettes'

Sara Malm
Daily Mail
18 October 2013

"‘From the first patients that came in in the morning, you could almost tell what you would see for the rest of the day. It was a game,’ he told The Times.

War surgeon: Dr David Nott,...treated civilian victims in Syria. ‘One day it would be shots to the groin. The next, it would only be the left chest. The day after, we would see no chest wounds; they were all neck [wounds].’

Dr Nott told the newspaper that in his 20 years volunteering in war zones, this is the first time he had witnessed pregnant women being targeted."

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For another view of the story: Infowars Report

And I ask, at what point is a not-yet-born baby shot dead in his mother's womb needing to be politicized?

And for those of us who just may have only seen the horror of what that doctor was reporting, is it necessary to see it politicized? Or know which side is doing the politicizing?