Thursday, November 7, 2013

and I am calling, too

Allen West: Congress must probe military firings

F. Michael Maloof
7 November 2013

"Former Florida Congressman Allen West is calling for congressional oversight hearings into what he describes as an “alarming trend” of dismissals and firings of high-ranking military officers by the Obama administration..."

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my country, 'tis of thee...

Kudos to Sheriff Finch and the People of Liberty County, Florida

Chuck Baldwin
News with Views
7 November 2013

"This verdict is one of the most important jury decisions in modern history..."

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Hat tip: Steve Quayle

Commentary from BATR

way over the edge already

Cops Now Enforcing Anal Probing On Americans Routinely

Steve Watson
7 November 2013

"This second case indicates that police are conducting this procedure as a matter of routine when a drug sniffing dog reacts to anyone they stop."

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While two cases are scarcely sufficient to warrant the alarmist title, as a pest control officer once commented when I was talking with him about a possible rat infestation in my apartment home, "I consider one rat an infestation, when it is in a home..."

For both the individuals involved and the country at large (in which these atrocities occurred), for such to have happened to a single individual is way over the edge already.

My thinking on the matter remains what I stated in the earlier post. To respectfully state that you be allowed to contact your attorney might deflect and/or redirect before a situation has a chance to escalate, reminding in that unobtrusive way that we still live in a society bound and undergirded by law, as well as one wherein actions have legal consequences.

I don't know any more if this is sufficient, however, or even permissible. The laws of our land are continually being reframed by hooligans, both in the laws by which we are governed and in the meanderings of our daily, private lives.

Which is to say. If you didn't read the fine print, neither of the individuals involved in these incidents were guilty of anything.

We just are not living in Kansas anymore...

The earlier report
From the Ron Paul Institute
A report quoting legal experts

a bold truth, no less true for all its boldness

More on Schools

Fred Reed
The Burning Platform
6 November 2013

"Yes, I  realize that the schools face many other problems, chief among them that much  of the country no longer takes schooling seriously. Pious slogans like No Child  Left Behind of course mean No Child Allowed Ahead. Discipline a child and his  parents sue. Suspend serious troublemakers and you face charges of racial  profiling. Disguising the gap in performance between ethnicities takes precedence  of teaching. The stupidest fad is grading teachers on how well their students  test, it being impossible to get a class of unintelligent, misbehaving,  culturally uninterested students to perform well."

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I usually cache posts as I am reading (at this juncture of blogging) to set out later. This one, however, required stopping absolutely everything and setting in.


To say that I agree with just about everything the man says might get me in trouble.

But I will.

Hat tip:  Steve Quay

UPDATE (24 November 2013): Link corrected. Don't know what happened to original at The Burning Platform, but the article is the same. Ed.