Friday, November 8, 2013


The Best And Worst Ways To Conduct Executions

Mike Nudelman and Erin Fuchs
Business Insider
7 November 2013

"The recent shortage of execution drugs in America inspired Slate writer John Kruzel to suggest the guillotine may be a more humane way to kill criminals than the lethal injection "cocktail" most frequently used in the United States."

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I have been following conspiracy theories about guillotines for some while. If you have not encountered any of the guillotine posts out there, hold on to your hat, because a swirling horror awaits thee.

Up until a particular point in my own reading, I was able to follow my norm, which is to not expect that a particular item will necessarily occur, but to keep the idea in my back pocket against possibility...

Just in case in some distant future...

Which is to say. Something about this one requires notice.

It has been, however, under that column I call 'fantastical,' and, as faithful readers know, I just am having difficulty putting these things out into an educated readership.

Now that the Business Insider and Slate have tackled the matter as if it were quite the normal thing to discuss, it might be that the educated corner of the world has been advised.

Will post this without saying more to the guillotine question than that, save the hope that I can finish and post my own article (an unfinished draft c. June 2013) on the matter sometime tomorrow.

"Bring Back the Guillotine"

and time for action...

Washington rally call: ‘It is time for action’

Bob Unruh
8 November 2013

"“We must have the means to literally camp in Washington, D.C., and not leave until we get results,” explains the website’s agenda for the event."

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Reclaim America Now
The Beginning of the Peaceful, Nonviolent Second American Revolution

19 November 2013
10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Larry Klayman, Organizer

Lafayette Park (across from the White House)

law enforcement will be monitoring...

Families Threatened With Police “Monitoring” Over Transgender Complaints

Paul Joseph Watson
6 November 2013

"“In a twist of irony, school officials who have been under fire for disregarding student privacy rights are now warning complaining families that law enforcement will be monitoring social media discussions about their concerns,” states a PJI press release..."

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connecting dots

10 Corporations Control Almost Everything You Buy — This Chart Shows How

Chris Miles
Policy Mic
31 October 2013

"And it's not just the products you buy and consume, either. In recent decades, the very news and information that you get has bundled together: 90% of the media is now controlled by just six companies, down from 50 in 1983, according to a Frugal Dad infographic from last year."

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Hat tip: Steve Quayle

How you connect the dots determines the picture you see...