Saturday, November 9, 2013


With the recent introduction of guillotines (via Slate and Business Insider) into a public awareness that might roll its eyes still at conspiracy theories, I am finishing this draft, the origin of which dates back to sometime in June of this year.

I have been following the guillotine subject for a long while—I cannot quite remember when I first saw an article on guillotines in America, but I remember how very much the idea stunned.

I tend to keep the topic under the 'fantastical' column but, in spite of not being able to substantiate any of the material out there on the subject, it is not one I would dismiss in the same manner as I would, say, someone who claimed Martians had landed in his back yard. (And yes, with the increasing number of supposed UFO sightings around the world, that one is not as strong an image to caricature looniness as it might once have been.) 

I don't know how to address my own reaction to it any other way. For the very insanity of the idea, I must reject it.

But too many things are happening that 'allow' guillotines (or the naked sword) as an option to dismiss the idea completely. Would that we still lived in an America where such things could belong to the mereness over which sensible folk could just roll their eyes...

The links to which this post sends a reader are older now, but as nearly as I can deduce, the information in each tends to be the same that periodically thrusts its way through the blogs and websites I frequent, maybe this time having a new 'authority' willing to be sworn to a sighting, maybe that time merely rehashing all and quoting old info.

Conspiracy theories, as I examined elsewhere, are often set upon future events that may or may not happen (because of nefarious things that have already happened, but are hidden from public view).

They warn, as much as spew details into a pot that simmers and often spills out over the cast iron edge into the fire. While the fermenting of such theories might be traced back into ancient histories, I allow them a more severe dignity than many may be interested in conceiving, because I recognize their near kinship to rumour, and the prevalence of such in Nazi Germany.

Many left before it became impossible, on the basis of such undercurrents. Others, right up until the gas chamber itself, were led by lies.

It is a certain precept of what I would consider 'reputable' conspiracy theory that, if you just get the word out there enough, it may prevent a coming awfulness against which each particular theory warns. A different sort of 'the sky is falling'—the hope therein that if enough squawking erupts, the sky will not fall.

Not that such helped Michael Hastings.

And certainly it left Edward Snowden out in the cold.

And, as also noted elsewhere, whether or not we can/could have trusted either still remains unknown.

Up until the week that most of this post was drafted, the only references I could find on the matter were from a woman (at present I will leave her anonymous) who is discredited by other sources (except those who accept the guillotine story at large).

Because the story was circulating again (at the point at which this material was originally drafted) and is now popping up, so to speak, in the non-conspiracy theory corners of society, I think it is a good time to set out the 'other side' of the guillotine question herein, rather than continuing to hold this post in permanent draft mode.

The worst of the conspiracy theories regarding guillotines believe that at some point, a holocaust will happen for Christians, just as it did for the Jews in Nazi Germany, but it will happen via guillotines, rather than gas chambers. I have read posts wherein various individuals (many of them purporting to be in the military) have seen these machines (and even give numbers for how many are in storage, and where they are) as well as stories from the prophecy corners, wherein people at large are dreaming dreams about guillotines and seeing visions.

Lines of families and children...

While my own personal view still keeps the idea of the guillotines in the fantastical, I will admit that the last two times I have encountered the idea (and done the research), it has made my stomach hurt. However, it had another effect as well, which I will note at the bottom of this post.

The last time I investigated the story, I found a military forum that had latched on to the idea and, as I remember it, completely trounced it as well.

According to the theories, the government is supposed to be in possession of some thirty thousand guillotines which are supposedly stored at two separate military bases, one of which is here in Georgia.

Frequently, when the guillotine story is circulated, it mentions Doug Teper, a Georgia politician who was a representative here in Georgia's assembly sometime in the late 1990's (whether he is now or not I did not research). Teper drafted a bill that would allow criminals who were to be executed to choose the guillotine as their method of execution. The impetus behind the bill was that such would allow the executed to become organ donors.

Readers will remember that I post on organ donation frequently. For those who do not remember the post(s), organ donations never come from dead bodies.

I don't know how Rep. Teper intended that guillotines could facilitate organ donation, but that is quite beside the point. The bill is factual, and can be viewed on-line; it never, however, passed. [I have linked to the page of all bills for the session from that time frame so that readers can have its legitimacy proven: readers can scroll down to the appropriate number (HP 1274) and pull up the bill.]

Again, unless I missed something, HP 1274 is not law in Georgia.

It disturbs that so very many continue to pull this bill up as though it were recent news, and therefore, 'now.'

However, a new flurry of guillotine posts crops up here and there—it is a subject that will not, if I may, die. When I originally drafted this post, one link stated that Ted Gunderson, a retired FBI agent, also predicted (many years ago), that guillotines would be used in America.

At the point that I read that, I knew I had something I could track. Unfortunately, the links provided took me in circles, from one to the other, with each linking then to another, and finally, back to the beginning again.


Christians do not need to be reminded that Revelation prophecies that, in the last hour, many saints will be beheaded. Certainly, up until the Islamic terrorists began to hone their blades, that seemed an impossible anachronism.

Guillotines, were they true, would up the ante again. Many conspiracy and prophecy theorists are already warning that the articles in Slate and Business Insider are merely 'preparing the way for public acceptance.' I think most of us will agree that, from the advent of the TSA agents through the NSA surveillance all the way to Obamacare, things are hotting up rapidly for something few can examine without either outrage or dread.

Whether or not it involves a Christian holocaust, and guillotines, at this point remains to be seen.

As promised, I have one other comment about the guillotine stories.

I can still remember that first time I encountered the guillotine rumours, and how viable the research the [unnamed] woman had done seemed (before I investigated it and found nothing to substantiate).

That dream we all dream, you see, of being sufficient to the hour. At the time, I was also reading (my research of conspiracy theorists and prophecy theorists might be regarded a disciplined, if I may, study) about these dreams and visions people all over America (and perhaps the world) kept having about long lines of people, including children, in the guillotine lines.

It was not possible to not imagine myself in those lines. Or to imagine a sweet child with blonde hair and a joyful face, reassuring all that soon, we would see Jesus...

That said, it is the guillotines, whether real or imagined, that helped me learn what Christ meant when He said, count the cost before you start the building (Luke 14:28).

We all have notions about what He meant, but I mean viscerally learned. Because, at the time, a lot of stuff was coming out about Team Obama (this is long before Snowden) and how you had to be really careful what you were writing in emails—some of my correspondents and I even began to divide words into syllables and even phonetic spellings to avoid gaining the notice of the government.

Apr├ęs Snowden, it is difficult to remember what it was that had alerted that American citizens are in danger—that what used to be the domain of mere theorists must now begin to be taken more seriously...

But the guillotines (again, whether they are real or merely fantastical) decided the matter for me. I have known since that we must speak out, and when we are gone, others must, and when they are gone, still others, and all must go forward until none are left to speak what is good, what is right, what is holy.

And at that point, evil will have won, and the end will be here.

Yes, Christ will return, after, and evil will be vanquished. That is, however, after the fact of a destruction many are not understanding is plainly written into Scripture, from the words of Christ to those of St. Paul to those of St. John (and others).

As I have known for a very long time, I want to have said enough to be convicted of serving Christ, of knowing Christ, of being a Christian.

Yes, I still get scared. If even half of what is out there is true, the end is too near now to go back (and that is a complicated matter with several divergent points that are not suitable for this post) (and I mean there, go back to a place where the end is not so clearly in view)...

So while the heart may have reason to become quite frightened one day (as it does now, at the mere thought of such a possibility), the will to choose is one I have made. And for the rest of it, whatever an individual reader may consider in regard to guillotines, it might be a good time to begin to regard possible scenarios with a bit more play room than before...

Just in case...

In spite of a 'personal veil of cognitive dissonance...'
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Note: The links I have examined for dreams and visions all lead back to the unnamed woman, above. I cannot find any separate from her posts, although I believe I have seen others along the way; it may be, however, that hers had a sufficient 'ring of truth' for me to have taken on a greater size in my mind.

Because a large number of the posts on guillotines (hers included) pander to agendas that denigrate the faith of others, I am not linking quite so many of them as are available out there.

Needful disclaimer: The views expressed by the links I post do not always represent my own thought on a matter. Too, while we are on the subject, I take a Scriptural position on prophecies: one, that they are not just possible, but a portion of the life of the church; two, that each must be tested, to see of what spirit it is made.

However, I also recognize that to prophesy is less about foretelling the future and more about handing on the thoughts of God...