Thursday, November 14, 2013

o delectable Obama chortles

Everything You Need to Know About Obama's Press Conference In a Few Short Tweets

The People
Courtesy Independent Journal Review
14 November 2013

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Tammy Bruce:
He's gonna solve the problems, get it right, and ObamaCare will work. Says the guy who's been lying.

Michelle Malkin:      
HAHAHAHA: Obama - "It's important that we're honest..."

Amanda Carpenter:
Oh, how Obama wants to pretend the shutdown was about the debt ceiling. It was the Obamacare Shutdown. that is what it was about.

GOP Comedian:
So are we supposed to grateful that Obama is trying to fix a problem that never should have existed in the first place?

Jonathan S. Tobin:
Obama explains #ObamaCare pledge lie by saying it was true for a lot of people even if it was a lie for some. Oh, now I get it.

Dave Rubin:
When you answer a question just by talking and talking until nobody is paying attention anymore it should be called, 'Pulling an Obama.'

And the one made of the stuff of both hilarity and dream...

Ross Appel:
We are witnessing the end of the Obama presidency. Complete lack of capability and credibility both home and abroad.

ze olde Internet kill switch plan

Judge: Release "Internet Kill Switch" Plans

Bob Unruh
14 November 2013

"But DHS withheld some of the document because it contained personal information for “state homeland security officials,” claiming it would “disclose techniques and procedures for law enforcement investigations or prosecutions” and that it could “reasonably be expected to endanger the life or physical safety of any individual.”

The judge, however, discounted DHS’ arguments for preventing the release of information."

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having counted the cost...

Obama’s “Society of Fear”

Bob Barr
13 November 2013

"In an environment where individuals reasonably believe their actions are being tracked, recorded and monitored by government agents, citizens are prone to avoiding behavior that will raise red flags."

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Hat tip: Steve Quayle

why is Obama such a man for the secrets?

Obama’s Secret Treaty Which Will Merge America More Deeply Into The Emerging One World Economic System

Michael Snyder
The Economic Collapse
13 November 2013

"In addition, this "free trade" agreement will push the ongoing deindustrialization of America into overdrive.  Every year, we buy hundreds of billions of dollars more stuff from the rest of the world than they buy from us.  Tens of thousands of American businesses have been lost as a result, and millions of good jobs have been shipped overseas."

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"Blatant display of corruption"
"Negotiated in near total secrecy"
From the Daily Kos

Pelosi's infamous quote (2010)
Ruling by decree
Bypassing Congress
And again
And a nice and tidy list all in one place

wording to the wise

Muslim 'Street Patrol' Brutally Attacks Florida Student in London

The Clarion Project
27 October 2013

"The “crime” of the student, an American citizen who was in England to advance his studies, was drinking a beer. "

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Although the video reminds that the incident involved was allegedly perpetrated by a Muslim street patrol [the incident itself occurred several months ago, but the police have only now released the video to the public], a word to the wise of possibility might often be a wise word indeed.

However, that tiny word 'allegedly' as yet underpins a most excellent necessity, and one which we must remind ourselves to remind...

Previous post herein on Muslims in UK

why an Islamic flag over the White House might not be so pretty

'We Will Fly the Islamic Flag Over the White House'

Tova Dvorin and Ari Soffer
Israel National News
13 November 2013

""I say to the United States that your time will come," says one of the men, who gives his age as 26, "and we will bleed you to death and, Inshallah [with the help of God], shall raise a flag in the White House.""

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Hat tip: Countdown to Zero Time

the real colours of diversity

10,000 rally against gay ‘marriage’ before Hawaii adopts law redefining marriage 

Ben Johnson
Life Site News 
13 November 2013

"“The amount of public input that rose strongly against this bill is both monumental and historic and we are strongly disappointed that this legislature ignored the overwhelming voice of the people,” said Jim Hochberg, president of Hawaii Family Advocates.

President Obama praised their work, saying in a statement, “I've always been proud to have been born in Hawaii, and today's vote makes me even prouder.”"

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death by any other name...

Research shows patients in vegetative states could be aware and paying attention

L.J. Devon
Natural News
13 November 2013

"In essence, these brains are fully aware and paying attention and can even interact."

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While 'vegetative state' is a term that does not distinguish between brain dead and mere coma, we are at an uneasy point in modern culture regarding exactly when an individual has truly died, but is merely being kept alive via machines, and when that individual's life might still be viable.

I link the above to its necessary connection to organ donation for a reason.

And remind that a 'wake' was kept, back in the day, because people who seemed dead might waken...

And the practice at least allowed the hope of waking prior to being buried.

When to say when, when pulling the plug
Recent Supreme Court decision in Canada
Brain death defined
Previous post here about redefining when death occurs