Saturday, November 23, 2013

what is done in secret...

Media protest White House photo ban

Hadas Gold
21 November 2013

"The letter was also signed by the American Society of Newspaper Editors and the White House News Photographers Association, as well as leading media outlets like ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox News, The Associated Press, Reuters, The New York Times, The Washington Post and Yahoo News.

The practice is a "troubling break from tradition," the letter stated, as previous administrations have granted press access to the types of events the Obama administration now restricts."

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Hat tip: Activist Post

and then they launched three satellites....

Pole Shift: It Has Started…

Chris Carrington
Activist Post
23 November 2013

"One thing we do have the answer to already is that scientists, and most likely politicians as well, are worried. Cash strapped, austerity driven Europe would not be spending tens of millions of dollars putting three satellites into space if they weren’t.

This is a situation we can do nothing about. Governments around the world know it’s started, but once again they say nothing. They give no advice about preparing for the future."

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Three Satellites and Why

biting the hand that feeds you is not very nice

Oprah genocide? Says entire generation of racists 'have to die'

J.D. Heyes
Natural News
23 November 2013

"Congress is full of them, but so is Hollywood: black people who continue to whine about "racism" in an overwhelmingly white country that has enriched them and provided them with notoriety."

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Although I linked to the interview which is the bulk of the above in another post, I am setting it out here because the analysis proffered by the writer is most apt.

I might, however, argue with that last point, save were it offered in jest. Ms. Winfrey achieves her own notoriety, and in the face of much honor and fame and adoration, freely given her by a fawning, primarily white public.

Will Ms. Winfrey be driven to her knees a la Paula Deen (whose falling I borrow, not because I agree with the public that turned on her, but rather, to remind of how fickle that adoring public can be)...

the Danvers case [warning: graphic]

[Title redacted]*

Rachel Quigley
Daily Mail
21 November 2013

"'The indictments returned today detail horrific and unspeakable acts,' District Attorney said."

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The alleged perpetrator of Ms. Ritzer's murder, 14 year old student Philip Chism, was known for a quiet, respectful demeanor. No connection to drugs, meds or prior scrapes (or violent tendencies) has been uncovered by authorities.

One source, however, states that the teen brought the box cutter, a mask, gloves, and multiple changes of clothing to school with him that day.

What is happening?

CNN article with additional details (not graphic)
The local update
Includes links for search warrant, affidavits [graphic content]

* The UK article contains graphic details in its title and report that the American news reports render in less graphic terms.