Monday, December 2, 2013

the French soldier who descended to cannibalism

French soldier accused of cannibalism was suffering PTSD from Afghanistan

Henry Samuel
The Telegraph
01 Dec 2013

"Mr Rimbaud, who has been transferred to a high-security unit for dangerous psychopaths, told investigators he had heard voices and “obeyed a message of higher origin” telling him carry out the gruesome act."

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Note. I thought the original article had been reblogged here, in which case this would be a follow-up post to new information.

While this is a most horrific subject, as it begins to occur more frequently (as nauseating as that thought must be), it becomes part of the pattern of accelerating evil, destruction and chaos that is being tracked here.

And as always, with the hope the people who no longer believe in the very miracles of God, or Jesus Christ as the Way, the Truth and the Life, or the prophecies, will begin to see.

And in seeing, cry out to Jesus, who is our only hope...

if you read only one article this year

Gay Power vs. Religious Liberty

Peter LaBarbera
30 November 2013

"In one of the most frightening cases advanced by aggressive homosexualists, U.S. District Judge Michael Ponsor has allowed a leftwing harassment lawsuit accusing veteran pro-family advocate Scott Lively of “crimes against humanity” to proceed in his U.S. court. For years, homosexual militants have spread lies about Lively’s work in Uganda, where he and several other Christians spoke against the threat of homosexual activism in that largely Christian nation...

The case is preposterous, but could drain resources from Lively and intimidate other Christians from speaking out against homosexuality, here in America and abroad.

Says Lively: “I am being judged according to a European legal standard in my own federal court system for speech that is 100 percent protected in both America and Uganda. … This case has enormous implications for First Amendment rights here at home and abroad, for the supremacy of our Constitution over foreign law, for Christian values under international law, and for the future power of homosexual activists to crush anyone who stands in the way of their global agenda.”" [Emphasis my own. Ed.]

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This article details the strides the LGBT agenda has made against free exercise of the Christian faith, and is a must-read.

Of the documentation and analysis the article sets out, I chose the above example because it is explicit regarding what is coming down the tube.

I repeat what Mr. LaBarbare says: the supremacy of our Constitution [as the rule and foundation to protect any American citizen against legal assault by a foreign entity] is under attack and has been allowed to be heard in an American court of law.

For all else that has been developing, this one matter should scare the daylights out of all.

light years beyond 'femi-nazi'

“Where are the priests? We want to burn them at the stake”*

Judi McLeod
The Canada Free Press
1 December 2013

"Perhaps it was sheer fear that kept the constabulary away from the front steps of the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista, on Nov. 23-25 [of] this year, where hordes of lesbians, abortion advocates, other feminists and their male peers were met by 1,500 young Catholics who formed a human shield around the Cathedral, holding off the mob of 7,000 with dignity and prayer.

Mob members ran up to those there to protect the Cathedral, running their paint-covered hands over their faces, spat upon and cursed them."


* I originally held off on reposting this article, because I could not substantiate it beyond the blogger from whom Ms. McLeod draws her source. It just seemed too beyond the pale. I have since been able to come up with several other sites that refer to these specific events.

In the midst of my research this morning, I ran across a post that introduced me to a feminist group called Femen. Links [Warning: graphic] follow for this radical feminist group as well. Femen is not affiliated with the Women's group that met in San Juan; influence is what concerns me, however, and the influence of this group seems to be growing in several countries.

I reviewed the website [this link is in the original language] for the women's meeting [28th National Conference of Women] that allegedly spawned the feminist riot that is noted in Ms. McLeod's post; however, I did not see anything at the site that seemed to be made of the stuff of these riots. Whether it was infiltrated by radical feminists [during this event] and is otherwise sound or not is not mine to know.

I have also included in the links reminders of the out of control crowds who protested in support of Wendy Davis' standoff in Texas over abortion, as there is in my mind some similarity between their protests and a global movement to this 'light years beyond...'

One of the links is in its original German. My German is school-girl and requires a dictionary; however, The Eponymous Flower gives the same article in English. (Google translations.)

Eponymous Flower (Covers Catholic issues; is source for Ms. McLeod's article)
Original article detailing one of the events (Not translated from the German)
San Juan blogger documenting Cathedral event [Translated with video(s)]*
Cathedral or government building? *
A San Juan news site that specifically mentions the riot/conflict (last paragraph)
    * these posts are pulling up as the entire blog: scroll down as I am reblogging two separate posts

Wiki article on Femen
Femen Website (EN)
From Albawaba, and rumours of planned Femen activities
The topless Tunisian
The 'nude poser' strikes again
Amina (and her photograph)

Bricks, urine, feces, tampons, Texas and recent abortion vote
Hail Satan, Texas and recent abortion vote

UPDATE: Life Site News posted on the subject today. Their link is here.