Wednesday, December 4, 2013

the faith we hold

Real shame is that one side ends up crushed

Rebecca McQuillan
Herald Scotland
28 November 2013

"How many cases must we have, I wondered, before people running hotels and guesthouses understand they can't discriminate like this?"

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Ms. McQuillan's essay begins with a distaste candidly voiced against those 'homophobic' Christians who must, after all, 'learn they can't discriminate...'

She allows herself the candour because she writes of finding herself sympathetic to the couple whose appeal to the UK Supreme Court was recently rejected, leaving their B&B not only unable to determine whom it might welcome in to their home, but who also are being fined and must pay 'damages' to the homosexual couple who brought suit against them.

Ms. McQuillan's essay, however, clearly sets out our future (as, I might remind, does Scripture). The faith she ridicules so crisply will indeed one day fall to that world with its Supreme courts and laws against 'discrimination'—one day, the world will win.

But Christ who promised that even the very gates of Hades will not stand against the Church will return for His Bride...

And everything changes, then.

That is the hope and the teaching of the faith.

Because the real shame is that a world can exist within the frame and understanding of people like Ms. McQuillan, who have no awareness of both the pitiableness and the shallowness of their ranting...

Perhaps, one day, even for Rebecca, eyes that can see...

Because the rest of the story on the freedom to choose what is right and what is wrong (which is the way of it in the Kingdom) is the part that counts. One day, each of us will be held accountable for the choice we made...

And all the laws of the land will not preserve us then.

In Rebecca's world, the freedom to choose what is right and wrong is no more.

Lines drawn in the sand require taking sides, and will, until all is finished, and yes, the ones on the wrong side will be crushed. Yet the British B&B owners who lost their case before a UK Supreme Court have won a battle that I can only hope they know, for the world was watching, and those of us who are Christ's own remain grateful for their witness. They plowed the right field.

And the God who is our eternal Judge will not forget it.