Friday, December 6, 2013

in those last minutes before the world ends

End times will bring greater persecution to Christians, Pope says

Elise Harris
Catholic News Agency
28 November 2013

"“What does this mean?” the Pope asked the Mass attendees, responding, “It will be like the triumph of the prince of this world: the defeat of God.”

“It seems at that final moment of calamity, it seems like he will take over this world, he will master of the world,” the pontiff observed, adding that in that time we will become aware this apparent victory over God would be more devastating than a great natural disaster."

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none of their business

Illinois High School Requires Parents to Self-Identity as Liberal or Conservative

Illinois Review
4 December 2013

"The survey is from the textbook "U.S. Government 2", published by the "The Center for Learning". It is part of Oak Forest High School's Common Core curriculum,."

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Hat tip: Steve Quayle

the abortion-breast cancer link

Stunningly Huge Cancer Threat Uncovered

Bob Unruh
4 December 2013

"Orient said breast cancer is generally hormone sensitive and is often treated with anti-estrogens. Pregnancy is the most important cause of a high estrogen level.
She noted estrogen increases by 2,000 percent by the end of the first trimester, increasing cancer vulnerability. However, by the end of pregnancy, 85 percent of breast-cancer tissue has become cancer-resistant because of hormones made by the fetal-placenta presence.
That means a completed pregnancy protects against breast cancer. The protection is lost when a pregnancy is aborted, making a woman even more vulnerable to breast cancer."
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hallowing the genes

Introducing Designer Babies, Sperm Edition

Meghan Neal
3 December 2013

"The latest advancement comes from the UK, where researchers from the Royal Veterinary College have successfully engineered "designer sperm" that can be passed down to future generations."

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more on the forced C-section in the U.K.

Uproar Grows Over Forced C-section to Seize Child in U.K.

Alex Newman
The New American
3December 2013

"The “Court of Protection,” a deeply controversial entity established in 2007 that decides individuals’ fates in secret, purportedly “authorized” the C-section to be performed without the victim even being made aware of what was being proposed, MP Hemming continued. “I worry about the way these decisions about a person’s mental capacity are being taken without any apparent concern as to the effect on the individual being affected,” he added. Now, calls for wide-ranging reforms are growing."

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Aaron Swartz

Video that led to Aaron Swartz’s arrest released

4 December 2013

"“Looking at the video, it’s easy to see what MIT and the Secret Service presumably saw — a furtive hacker going someplace he shouldn’t go, doing something he shouldn’t do,” Poulsen added. “But photos from the putative crime scene, also released by the Secret Service, add context missing from the video: a concrete support in the network closet is crammed with a jumble of Sharpie graffiti dating back to the early 1980s — earlier generations of hackers at the institution that invented hacking, going places they shouldn’t go, doing things they shouldn’t do, leaving their mark at the very spot where, on January 4, 2011, MIT lost its tolerance for such behavior.”"

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Most readers are aware of the conspiracy theories regarding the death of Aaron Swartz. Yet, however he died, it remains that a young life was cut down, and in Aaron's case, the world lost a young man of much promise.

The article reblogged above includes a much-quoted lament from Aaron's father, as well as reminds of the proposed Aaron's Bill, an effort to reframe the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986.

and I will give children to be their rulers, and mere toddlers will lead them

Top doctor: 'Gay' blood will taint U.S. supply

Chelsea Schilling
4 December 2013

"A petition a, created in November by students at the University of Michigan, claims the FDA policy is “discriminatory and inadequate.” The students want the federal government to merely ask prospective donors, “Have you had unprotected sexual contact with a new partner in the past 12 weeks?”"

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Paraphrased from Isaiah 3:4

does a corporation have the same rights as an individual?

Hobby Lobby & the Supreme Court

2 December 2013

"Therefore, it seems that the high court will revisit the First Amendment rights of corporations, most recently expanded in their Citizens United decision, with the twist that religious freedom might well be quite different from political free speech.

Compelling a business enterprise to obey the "pro choice" regulations within Obamacare is certainly the objective from the record of this administration’s hostility towards traditional Christian religious practices."

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A detailed overview with quotes and opinion.

if "Obama" is in the sentence...

CONFIRMED: Obama WH Turned Down Offer to Build O-Care Website for Free – Blew a $1 Billion Instead (Updated)

Jim Hoft
The Gateway Pundit
4 December 2013

"This was confirmed during testimony today before a Congressional committee. Issa, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman, said the Obama White House turned down the offer."

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tweeting Wendy Davis

TX Gov. Candidate Wendy Davis Faces Major Backlash for ‘invest in kids’ Tweet

4 December 2013

"Wendy Davis, the Texas democrat who launched a filibuster on the Texas Senate floor last June opposing abortion restrictions, is weathering flak due to a recent ill-conceived tweet."

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A chorus of memorable tweets bursting forth after Ms. Davis tweeted that kids will be her first priority "as governor" of Texas...

little bit of irony always in good taste

ACLU suing bishops over hospitals’ Pro-Life guidelines

Joe Cunningham
Red State
4 December 2013

"The ACLU, apparently, firmly believes that bishops stand in every operating room to make sure nothing close to an abortion occurs."

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nothing like a hidden tax quietly finalized

Administration Finalizes Obamacare Tax Over Holiday Weekend

Elizabeth Harrington
The Washington Free Beacon
4 December 2013

"The Obama administration quietly finalized the Health Insurance Tax (HIT) over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, a provision in Obamacare that will cost nearly $60 billion over the next five years and raise health care premiums by 3 percent."

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our poverty, our America

Here Are 7 Charts About The US Economy That Should Cause A Revolution Right Now

Angelo Young
International Business Times
5 December 2013

"America doesn’t have an "abject poverty" problem like the world’s poorest countries face. It does, however, have a poverty problem, and it’s getting worse as even working Americans are experiencing underemployment, lack of job security and eroding incomes. "

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latest on the kidnapped Christian nuns

Islamic Jihad on Christian Nuns: A History

Raymond Ibrahim
The American Thinker
6 December 2013

"Far from discussing Islamic history and doctrine, and how they tie to current events, the predominant Western mentality sees Islamic violence as the West's fault, or, in the recent words of ex-nun Karen Armstrong, "We did this."  Armstrong -- who quit the nunnery only to engage in pro-Islamic mummery -- insists that what's needed is for us to focus more on "Muslim pain, Muslim suffering."  Such, according to the leftist mentality, are the "real" reasons why, wherever Muslim-majorities live near non-Muslim minorities, the latter are under attack. "

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From the Patriarch
Conflicting Reports

Unconfirmed Report of Offer for Hostage Swap