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I remember...

Alpharetta mom says heroin addiction a "crisis"

Tom Regan
12 December 2013

""They live in these motels...

I've watched in the parking lot. It's a revolving door, coming and going out. The heroin dealers also know [that] up here in the suburbs we have money," Boccia said. "

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As the mother of a son who was a heroin addict, certainly, this has a grave personal resonance for me.

I remember my son telling me that the mother of a friend was a heroin addict, and how she warned him against the drug. That horror of hearing, for me, and the knowledge of a future as yet held uneasily in the hand.

Would he listen.

To her, to me, to any and all of us. He never had.

I remember my son telling me that she told him again and again not to go there. What a dead end it was.

I remember my son telling me that she laid out for him how many hits into the chaos you have to go before you get a high. Still warning.

So it seemed.

I remember my son telling me how exact her analysis was.

I remember my son telling me how exquisite the high was, and in poetic detail, how sweet and incomparable its bliss.

I remember my son's long arms, and two tracks like a railroad going up each arm, and hits spaced out half, maybe quarter an inch along those railroads, against that thin and white expanse of emptiness: red lines, and crossbars, against that thin and white emptiness that was my nineteen year old son's arms.

I am one of the lucky ones. My son kicked the habit, and is now married and the father of a young girl.

I am one of the lucky ones...

Kate Boccia is raising money to do a documentary about heroin addiction in mainstream American kids. Subsequent research has shown her story may be a bit more complicated (as is my own son's).

UPDATE: The WSB report notes that Kate's son has been free of his addiction for fifteen months.

My own son has been heroin-free for eight or ten years. If you do not know how thankful I am to God for this, read it here. Thank You, Father of all, for Your mercy, Your love, Your healing.

And note that, for the 'happy ending' that I experienced, many, many mothers will not rest here.

God be with us all.

If you do not 'get' anything else from this post, please get that heroin is a dangerous drug. It is relentless.

Addiction is not the patty-cake make pretty dream so many of our children believe.

Heroin in particular is a most deadly drug because it does not give the same high per dose each time. It is unpredictable. What might 'work' as a dosage amount one time can kill, the next.

Will be tracking this, and will follow-up here in later posts.

NOTE: Kate's blog and impetus at the present moment are concerned with a different matter than the heroin focus that is linked above. I have provided the links for that story below.

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