Friday, August 15, 2014

supplies needed in Africa

You Are Not Nearly Scared Enough about Ebola

Laurie Garrett
Foreign Policy
14 August 2014

"Here is the list of supplies Emmet A. Dennis, president of the University of Liberia, e-mailed that he needs for his medical school personnel now fighting cases in Monrovia:
Gowns -- Isolation
Underpads -- Disposable
Gloves, Examination -- All Sizes
Body Bags - Adult & Children
Infectious Waste Bag -- Red
Face Mask -- Duckbilled
Face Shield Disposable
Eye Shields -- Disposable
Shoe Covers
Aprons - Disposable
Sanitizer Wipes
Plastic Boots
Surgical Caps -- Disposable
Scrubs (L & XL)
Thermometer: Infrared -- Thermofocus
Disinfectant Soap
Chlorinated Disinfectant
Rehydration Fluids
R/L Solution
N/S Solution
It simply does not get more basic. As there are no miracle drugs for Ebola, the needs include few medicines, though other local responders tell me that they wish they had sterile syringes, saline drips, and fever modulators such as aspirin."


Hat tip: The Extinction Protocol (Highly recommend bookmarking this site as it is carrying solid articles on the Ebola outbreak, many of which are not from mainstream American sources. He has several posts about the pandemic again today, but I chose this one for the medical needs list, as many of my readers are Episcopal, and the denomination is known for its willingness to take up causes for those in need.)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

“cordon sanitaire” Ebola

Using a Tactic Unseen in a Century, Countries Cordon Off Ebola-Racked Areas

Donald G. McNeil, Jr.
The New York Times
12 August 2014

"Cordons, common in the medieval era of the Black Death, have not been seen since the border between Poland and Russia was closed in 1918 to stop typhus from spreading west. They have the potential to become brutal and inhumane. Centuries ago, in their most extreme form, everyone within the boundaries was left to die or survive, until the outbreak ended."


Hat tip: Sorcha Faal

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

another doctor has died of Ebola

Sierra Leone says another doctor leading the fight against Ebola has died from disease

Clarence Roy-Maccaulay
Star Tribune
13 August 2014

"Meanwhile, yet another doctor in Sierra Leone, Modupeh Cole, died on Wednesday, according to Sidie Yayah Tunis, director of communications for the Ministry of Health and Sanitation. Cole, trained in the U.S., was one of the top doctors working in the Ebola isolation ward in Connaught Hospital in Freetown, the capital. He tested positive for the disease last week and was transferred to the eastern district of Kailahun, where Doctors Without Borders is running a treatment center."


update on Ebola in Nigeria

ECOWAS Lagos Protocol Member Dies - Patrick Sawyer Contact

Rhiza Labs FluTracker Forum
12 August 2014

"The ECOWAS Commission announces with deep regret the passing of a staff member of its Lagos Liaison Office, Mr. Jatto Asihu Abdulqudir, aged 36. “Mr. Abdulqudir, a Protocol Assistant, was among those who assisted the Liberian delegate to a regional meeting, Mr. Patrick Sawyer, who died from the Ebola Virus Disease at a Lagos hospital on 25th July 2014."


Hat tip: The Common Sense Show | Dave Hodges

The One Question about Ebola Nobody Can Answer

Note to readers: So very much out there on Ebola right now, and much of it disturbing, whether the view is that of conspiracy theorists, and what might happen; or the science that tells us not to worry; or the science that tells us we should...

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

second patient with Ebola virus in Atlanta

Nancy Writebol, the second American Ebola patient, arrived in Atlanta and was transported to Emory University Hospital around one-thirty this afternoon.

And now we wish both patients and their families the best, and wait…

Saturday, August 2, 2014

ebola patient in Atlanta

Ambulance believed to be carrying Ebola patient arrives at Emory

WSB-TV tracked the landing of the plane at Dobbins Air Force Base this morning as Breaking News, culminating with the arrival of an ambulance at Emory University believed to be carrying the first of the Ebola patients to Emory University Hospital.

The above heading is from their site, however, I have been unable to establish the link to their live feed: what is on their site as that feed showed a weather screen, by the time I finished copying it to this post, and subsequent attempts to regain the original feed have not worked.

Twitter link gives the same WSB Live link, but it, too, goes to a weather screen. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has posted an article covering the arrival at Emory. According to their report,

Shortly before 12:30 p.m., the patient got out to the back of the ambulance and walked into the hospital. The patient and the ambulance crew were all wearing white germ-containment suits that covered their bodies from head to toe.

I had expected a medical helicopter for the transport, and am surprised that the transport was on ground level. Emory University is a city campus, and access to it is through Atlanta neighborhoods.

For those interested in keeping up with the local coverage, the following links are for the non-cable Atlanta networks and one for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

WXIA-TV (NBC affiliate)
WSB-TV (ABC affiliate)
CBS Atlanta 46
Fox 5 
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Friday, August 1, 2014

ebola (new links since 3 p.m)

Emory Healthcare to treat Ebola patient

Misty Williams
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
31 July 2014

"Emory University Hospital is expected to receive a patient infected with the deadly Ebola virus within the next several days, the university announced Thursday."


Ebola outbreak may already be uncontrollable; Monsanto invests in Ebola treatment drug company as pandemic spreads

Mike Adams
Natural News
31 July 2014

"Just how much Ebola virus does it take to infect someone? Alarmingly, as the Public Health Agency of Canada explains, "1 - 10 aerosolized organisms are sufficient to cause infection in humans." (8)

Read that again: it takes just ONE aerosolized organism (a microscopic virus riding on a dust particle) to cause a full-blown infection in humans. 


UPDATE: Emory University Hospital may be receiving two patients rather than one; current information is that the transfer will be next week.

[Note to readers: A great many things have occurred in the time since I went on a sabbatical with this blog, noting as I did that some events along the way would require posting.

I can't say what is true or factual about any of these stories: merely that both sides of this issue should be in view. Whether the virus can be transmitted in the way some writers are describing, making informed decisions requires at least examining the possibility. Would that it were that we could pick and choose reality, and reality would be what we chose. As we cannot, reading from opposing views remains the requisite.

The links which follow are primarily from alternative sites, which may be harder to locate for those interested in reviewing the other side of this looming development.

This is a potentially volatile situation, and one where cooler heads must prevail. I live in Atlanta. Am I panicking? Not so much panic, as the wish that I could depart the city until whatever might or might not happen has come down the tube, and is resolved, and we know more than we at present can know as certain fact. I could have done with a little less reassurance from the Atlanta reporters last night that the virus could not be spread except by, etc., and that we would all be perfectly safe, etc.…

Have read too much now to easily coast along on that one.

The thought that the patient may already be here in the city does occur, as does the unfortunate realization that diarrhea is going to be most suspect when encountered in our work places: based on what I am reading, the virus itself could already be in our cities and nation (and world) at large. Ed.]

Underground Medic  ((Hat tip: The Daily Sheeple)
Freedom Outpost
From WND
From SCG News (Hat tip: Overpasses for America)
More from from Underground Medic
From WSJ
From Freedom Outpost
From Infowars
And Who Is Responsible for the Atlanta Decision?

Sunday, February 16, 2014

two views to an end

Presiding Bishop on LGBT rights

The Most Rev. Katherine Jefferts Schori
The Episcopal Church (TEC)
30 January 2014

"No one of God’s children is worth less or more than another; none is to be discriminated against because of the way in which she or he has been created."


We Are Not 'All God's Children' 

Matt Barber
8 February 2014

"Indeed, God both created and loves – in a way most unfathomable – everyone who ever lived. He wove us together in our mother’s womb and numbered our every hair. But God the Father has only one begotten Son. The rest of us, in order to become one of God’s children, must be adopted – in, by and through – the One Who is the Son: Jesus Christ. Those who are not adopted are not children of God. Christ and Christ alone is “the way, the truth and the life.”"


I cannot see any way around the plain assertion by the Most Rev. Schori in her January address on LGBT rights being exactly and unequivocally that:

  • Homosexual folk are created by God as homosexuals…
  • Any ideation that homosexuality is a behaviour, and thus must be regarded as a sin (and in need of repentance, turning, amending and the forgiveness of God), is tossed out the window irrevocably…
  • And the ideation that homosexuals were created by God as homosexuals both allows and mandates that to say otherwise violates their basic human rights and that protecting their identity/behaviour/sin is inherent in (and stated to be) the mission of the Episcopal Church.

It is in that lack of necessity to repent, turn, and be forgiven by God that the problem begins…

The love of God sets us free from license: it does not give us permission ("freedom") to live there…

And to claim that homosexuals are created as homosexuals is a most dangerous undertaking.

And I say it again: where does the love of God take us? It does not take us to a place where we can live in sin. Being set free from bondage to sin remains the freedom of the faith.

Because one sin cannot be forgiven, and it involves claiming the work of the Evil One as that of the Holy Spirit of our Lord, you can readily see why many of us are distressed…

And why the clearest comprehension of what the Most Rev. Schori is stating as the mission of the Episcopal Church is requisite.

The mission of any Church that claims to be under the lordship of Jesus Christ is setting out the Gospel of our Lord, who came to set the captives free.

If we assert that sin is acceptable as is to God, we are not working in concert with our Lord to see that the captives are set free.

I have been waiting, as have many, for the Most. Rev. Schori to exactly say what she has said in her January address, above.

I AGREE that the love of God in us will facilitate respect for the dignity of others. The question of what that dignity might be, however, needs the careful analysis.

Christ healed a woman who had had an issue of blood for eighteen years. She had hoped to have the illness privately healed, hence her touching the hem of His robe, rather than asking to be healed. Any woman who has nervously smoothed the back of her dress before stepping out in a crowd will know exactly what that woman was hoping to facilitate in her own personal idea of healing will allow me dignity

However, in the same sense that Light invades darkness, and overcomes (that is, replaces) it, the woman could not have been healed privately.

Light had come!

When the darkness was overcome, her privacy (the exact 'essence' of dignity, for her) got tossed with it: what is of the day is plainly visible.

Dignity, in the Kingdom, is that place wherein Light has overcome the darkness.

I BELIEVE that God meets each of us where we are: how could we be met, otherwise?

Certainly, we cannot ascend to His level, to meet Him there!

But God does not leave us where He finds us, and that is the precious and fragile wonder of the faith: that we can be made new, and that God who loves us made (and makes) new possible for each of us.

The old wineskin gets tossed, belovéd.

It is in denying our brethren the opportunity to be made new in Christ Jesus that the mission of the Episcopal Church is confirmed at its most dangerous—.

To be exact…

At its most damning (exact sense of that word intended).

If you have not sinned, you cannot be forgiven.

I will not presume to say that the Most Rev. Katherine Jefferts Schori has veered into the place that will not be forgiven.

Just that I cannot go where she is going with her…

NOTE TO READERS: I have been veering into a sabbatical, of late, with Notes from the Dying City, and balance uneasily as of yet on whether to make it official, or continue vacillating. The necessary readership for the amount of work involved in producing a blog has not developed. Too, another project that may prove more capable of setting out what I had hoped to accomplish herein seems to be gaining strength.

In addition, the sheer volume of 'awful' that I read out there, daily, seems to increase now. Setting in the little that I have handed on is like trying to plug a broken dam with one finger in a hole…

We live in a time when such is no longer possible.

Whether others are observing the increase in 'awful' is not mine to know. Certainly, some days it seemed like all the news was old, and even ho hum.

No ho hum now…

And I am speaking herein of the last few weeks or so of my observing, within the frame of this blog's existence.

Too, the sheer rapidity with which the destruction of this country is being accomplished came home to me recently as I listened to a report on some event—I think it was the Super Bowl, but would not wish to be held to it.

The reports had been covering how 'safe' everyone would be: from snipers placed at strategic points to helicopters to the more 'normal' safety measures now de rigueur. This particular report encapsulated all (in thirty seconds or less), along with the reports from happy crowd members jostling each other as each joyously proclaimed how 'safe they had felt.'

Whoa babe.

This is America now.

This is our country. And scarcely the tip of the iceberg of horrors set in amongst us…

As analysis of the whole, however, I remain of the opinion that I have not been able to do what I had hoped. The distance from one corner of the faith to the corner on its opposite end is so relentless in its hugeness that it has not been possible for me to set in what I hear on that opposite side to the audience herein.

In that I concede I have failed. In the main, yes, many bloggers (and news sites) accomplish what I attempted here: the issue has never been, however, that the news was handed on.

It has been that the particular corner of the faith wherein I reside is not as prone to reading what I read, and the hope that I could 'reframe' into the language that 'we' speak was the driving force behind what I hoped to hand on.

Because to preach to the choir, as my dad is fond of reminding, accomplishes little.

To merely hand on what we were all reading anyway could scarcely have been necessary!

Whether or not particular elements of that 'other side' can be trusted, however, remains a lament tainted with agenda…

I came to less of an ability to trust a great many 'authorities' as I worked with handing on. Yes, the reality remains: I do not want to be blind-sided, and far better to have tried to get out some sense of the whole, whether any of it ever came to pass (conspiracy theory is to 'maybe' as traditional news reporting is to 'happened'), than to have gone along thinking nothing was afoot…

And then be swept away, unprepared for the flood.

A generic inability to trust as 'insiders' individuals who may not be (the ultimate outcome of agenda) as truth-oriented as we are, then, both remains and accelerated, over the short course of this blog.

In the end, however, it is not so much time that I need to 'free up' to work on the other project more fully. Many bloggers blog in addition to full-time jobs that are far more demanding than my own.

It is in freeing up heart that I will gain, in firming up a sabbatical for Notes from the Dying City.

And heart, in any enterprise, is vital…

If any readers out there read this post, prayer to the one Lord who calls us from darkness on behalf of the new project would be most humbly appreciated. Many thanks to all who have supported the blog, especially to our Anglican Curmudgeon, for listing it in his sidebar of Episcopal and Anglican blogs.

I will leave Notes from the Dying City online, as several posts are read at large, even now, and the reality remains that items that must be trumpeted, for the sheer indignation of their existence, will continue to develop.

It's just that…

So many have, and I begin to lift my hands, then let them fall, eyes glazed over…

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

if you are ignoring abortion, you shouldn't be

Left Redefines Abortion as End-of-Life Care

Trey Sanchez
Truth Revolt
11 February 2014

"A story on has redefined abortion as "end-of-life care." The author is a medical student and mother who, with her husband, chose to have an abortion saying it was a "parenting decision" -- not one of when life begins, but a decision of "how and when life should end…"


And pink hearts celebrating…

Hat tip: Infowars

the man in the puppet strings

Where In The Constitution Does It Say Obama Can Rule By Decree And “Do Whatever He Wants”?

Michael Snyder
End of the American Dream
11 February 2014

"Throughout human history, political power has always tended to become concentrated in the hands of one man.  The Founding Fathers knew this, and they tried very hard to keep that from happening in the United States.  A system in which the people rule themselves is a very precious and fragile thing."


I do not for an instant believe Mr. Obama is skilled enough (if I may) to become a dictator. 

He begins, actually, to remind me of Mr. Biden.

A man painted as a clown, yet not even up to the profession.

Mere buffoon.

However, that this country is headed toward a dictatorship, and Mr. Obama may be at its head, I do not for a moment doubt.

And while Mr. Obama might be that painted 'clown,' I suspect something there is behind Mr. Biden's clowning…

And the rest of it remains to be seen.

crossfire of the enemy (apocalyptic, cont'd)

Mob of teens attack man in downtown Cleveland

Ed Gallek
WOIO 19 Action News
11 February 2014

"…six to eight teenagers surrounded him on the bus, and then started following him.

Then, he said they attacked, took his stuff, and videotaped what they were doing."


Hat tip: Steve Quayle

Why does this concern? Did you note this began with surrounding the man attacked (a disabled Army vet) on a city bus?

But it doesn't stop there.

What I didn't post, above: "Violent teens and even mobs have been a problem around Public Square recently."

And, just in the last two months from this same site:

And did you see this one on the nightly news?

Our kids are in the crossfire of the enemy.

Prayers, needed. I am not one who believes that we are going to escape the hour: too many things that veer into elements of what Christ warned are on the table now.

But that we must go into that hour with everything we have in us to fight against its coming remains.

Because in the end, it is the individuals who can be saved against that enemy, one by one by one, that will make the angels clap with joy

the apocalyptic now, and tallying

Panicked Shoppers Fight Over Food Amid ‘Snowpocalypse’

Adan Salazar & Kit Daniels
11 February 2014

"If Americans already engage in riots and mass panic buys at nearly every opportunity, it’s certainly no stretch to speculate the type of scene witnessed in Atlanta grocery stores could unfold in every U.S. city in the event of a bank run, a food stamp crisis or the dollar’s eventual collapse."


The big if, however, remains, the balance point. Because I live in the heart of the city, here in Atlanta, and depend on public transportation, I had to make grocery runs both Monday and Tuesday evenings. 

I left work Tuesday just before 4:30 p.m. Earlier than my normal five p.m., but the wind chill was already 28º, and the gusts strong enough that I had to hold my hood in place as I walked to Civic Center station. 

The co-worker who had to wait for everybody to leave before he could lock up had felt ice in the mist as he stepped outside to check conditions.

As I crossed the street at Midtown station, I quizzed a passerby I saw carrying Publix bags (several bags divided between both hands, as is the norm with city dwellers), if the store (a tiny shoebox near Georgia Tech) was crowded.


I could hear a woman behind me asking if they still had food.

Yes, plenty.

I expected food, as I had heard before leaving work that all the stores in Atlanta had restocked.

West Peachtree St. is a multi-lane major Atlanta throughfare. Crossed it on a green lightnot a car coming anywhere, down the long stretch visible towards downtown Atlanta.

All the cash registers were scanning purchases, however, when I headed down the stairs at Publix, and each had maybe one or two customers already waiting in line. In the space of just those few minutes from when I asked the passerby and reached the store, then, it was already hotting up. Had I waited until five to leave work, I might have been substantially delayed.

For all that no one was on the road,  I suspected that everyone who had gone to work Tuesday (when we originally expected the storm to hit) were going to divert by the store on their way home.

I went straight across the store to get my milk, first.

Backtracked by the meat section, hoping for soup bone (hard to find on the best of days). Nada. I saw the Tech students walking up and down past the pork, lamb, beef and ready-to-cook, worried frowns on their faces. What to buy, what to prepare for. Back and forth, and edgy.

Headed to produce still working the store backward, where no ears of corn were available in an otherwise fully stocked produce section: I asked, when I did not see them, from an attendant busily emptying huge boxes of fresh produce.

Diverted after getting oranges and watermelon to the canned vegetable aisle. In that short space of time, yes, the store was standing room only. The aisle was navigated with wait, dart past, wait.

And no black beans. 

But that one item was the only one I saw (other than fresh corn) that was not available. Clearly, a lot of us were dreaming spicy Mexican cuisines, to warm during the snow days!

I left Publix at that point, however, having what I needed to get through until the city is up again. The registers were a trifle busier than when I had first come in, but manageable. Nothing like Monday, at Kroger, when the "Less than Ten Item" lines wrapped around the store.

The regular registers, however, had only had lines of maybe four or five customers, so I took my place Monday night in one of them, wondering, with other customers, why the lines that snaked back around the corner at the frozen section.

Maybe they were assuming the worst had already happened…

We have hospitals, I see, this morning, listed as closed. How do you close a hospital?

Last night, Mayor Kasim Reed sent out a robo-call to Atlanta city dwellers with emergency numbers and warnings for today.

I suspect Atlanta might just do fine, the tweets in the above link and notes herein notwithstanding. Yes, the mainstream news before begins to read now like typical conspiracy theory/alternative citizen news: that would be, predictions about what might happen, rather than what did…

Catastrophic storm coming…

The apocalyptic now, and tallying…

Monday night, waiting the bus with a senior citizen who looked, surely, to be preparing to hunker down for the next century, the bus rolled to a stop a car or two from the small shelter with bench that is the designated wait point.

I headed up to meet it, as passengers were getting off. The woman with whom I had been chatting tried to gather her own, but had too much. She asked me to tell the driver to get her there.

But as I got on the bus, and alerted the driver, he stopped the bus, got off, and, with another passenger, rushed to help her with her many packages.

And, when the two of us ended up getting off at the same stop, did so again.

Way to go, Marta. 

And way to go, Atlanta. Yes, we are in our apocalyptical moments now, and too frequently, and that is the generic 'why' of notes from the dying city. In the present moment of that apocalyptical, the wind gusts are picking up (35 mph), the ice-laden trees are rapidly becoming iffy in the gusts, and, as one blogger I read frequently noted yesterday, the Georgia ice storm could take us off the electric grid. 

At the present moment, seventy-five thousand are already without power in Georgia (WSB-TV).

Time there was when the observation would merely have been that an ice storm was predicted, with power outages (after they occurred)…

But moments remain, and abounding, wherein we are still able to remember our origin, and our destination, and as long as we can hold…

Because for all the bad news reported here (and the unbelievable amount I read now, eyes not yet able to glaze over, then turn from, unable to hand on), moments of 'hold' do indeed remain.

Does that mean we can look at the coming day, and shrug?


Just the reminder that, for all the wonderful stories the media here kept handing on about how folk were going up and down the highways, handing out food, water, and hope, two weeks ago, I ran across stories on-line from people reporting hands-on witnesses that said the exact opposite…

Lot of people have agendas.

Read everything, trust nothing, keep praying…

Just the generic, here.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

do not go here quietly

Berkley: Islamic Professor Hatem Bazian Forces Students To Tweet About "Islamophobia" For Grade

Janna Brock
Freedom Outpost
6 February 2014

"Universities have always been places where professors espouse agendas on their students, but now, in 2014, campuses are becoming places of Islamic jihadist indoctrination."



gay rights & the Church

The Gay Attack on American Values

Alan Carubi
Warning Signs
5 February 2014

"MassResistance regards the case as “the beginning of the homosexual movement’s legal assault on conservative churches, particularly Catholic, that have steadfastly refused to modify their religious convictions and comply with the homosexual movement’s demands on society. Up until now they’ve been largely left alone. But that is about to change.”"


gay rights & the EU

‘Gay rights’ must be pushed by all EU states: report passed in European Parliament

Hilary White
Life News
4 February 2014

"Family rights advocates are decrying the passage of a report that requires EU member states to adopt and enforce the homosexual movement’s political agenda and “gender” ideology. The “Roadmap for LGBTI Rights,” called the Lunacek Report, was passed this afternoon in the EU Parliament with 394 in favor, 176 against and 72 abstentions."


Thursday, February 6, 2014

another Obamacare alert

Children With Severe Medical Conditions Denied Treatment by Obamacare Plans

Steven Ertelt
Life News
6 February 2014

"New Obamacare exchange plans are going to be more restrictive, with less access to doctors and healthcare centers with specialized expertise and high reputations for providing effective life-saving medical treatment. "


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

four, not three (plus the missing reporter)

Financial world shaken by 4 bankers' apparent suicides in a week

3 February 2014

"The apparent suicide death of the chief economist of a US investment house brings the number of financial workers who have died allegedly by their own hand to four in the last week."


The earlier report may be found here.

not as funny as it sounds

Look Out Wikipedia! Here Come the Feminists!

Dave Jolly
The Last Resistance
 5 February 2014

"Sometime in the next week, they plan on carrying out their Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon to feminize Wikipedia.  They plan on re-writing as much of the website as possible to make it less masculine.  Some of the schools involved in the Edit-a-Thon include the University of Texas, University of Iowa, Michigan State University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison."


Hell hath no distortedness like a woman scorned…

conspiracy theory is to 'will happen' as trajectory is to goal

Supreme Court Justice Confirms American Internment Camps Will Happen Again: “It is the Reality”

Mac Slavo
4 February 2014

"If you’re paying attention you can see the signs everywhere. The government of the United States is preparing for a widespread event that, based on their recent activities, will require the deployment of armed police, military and even a multi-million strong civilian security force.

This is happening and a Supreme Court Justice of the United States just confirmed that there will be no stopping it."


vulgarity instead of sweet grace (the accelerating tale)

Students film feminist porno in Columbia University library

Katherine Timpf
Campus Reform
3 February 2014

"One of the film’s creators, Columbia art and history major Coco Young, told the IvyGate blog that the library itself represented sexism at the school because only male author’s names are on the facade of the building."


Hat tip: Drudge Report

Be sure to visit the Gawker link embedded within the article.

the story behind Philip Seymour Hoffman

Philip Seymour Hoffman Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg Of The Raging Heroin Abuse Epidemic In America

Michael Snyder
The American Dream
5 February 2014

"America is dying, and this is just another symptom of our steady decline."


Tolerance to heroin is edgy. You can take the same amount of the drug and the next time will kill. Reminder that these are our kids, too, who are playing with a drug that is dangerous regardless of whether it is contaminated with other products.

Contamination, however, is occurring at large, and responsible for many of the current rash of heroin deaths—and may be implicated in Hoffman's death.

Which is to remind. Again. It's not just somebody else's kids getting high on heroin.

It's our neighbors.

It's our daughters and sons. 

from the National Geographic
an explanation of how tolerance figures in (Business Insider)

HOPE A Parents Initiative

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

suicides, or not?

A Rash of Deaths and a Missing Reporter – With Ties to Wall Street Investigations

Pam Martens
Wall Street on Parade
3 February 2014

"Missing from the reports is the salient fact that all three of the financial firms the executives worked for are under investigation for potentially serious financial fraud."


Hat tip: Infowars

Catholic schools in the cross-fire

Massachusetts Catholic school harassed for denying job to man in same-sex marriage

Matthew Archbold
Life Site News
4 February 2014

"…employees at Catholic schools are obligated to both teach and model Catholic values.  Similar cases of Catholic schools being forced to defend their Catholic identity have become increasingly common, as many states have legalized same-sex marriage. "


femi-nazis again


2 Feb 2014

"Today, FEMEN Spain has attacked main Madrid’s archbishop, Antonio (known as Toño) Mª Rouco Varela, one of lobbyist of anti abortion law in Spain. Five sextremists tackle him screaming “Toño fuera de mi coño”"


from the AFP feed

Hat tip: Life News

Abortion is sacred, they cry. And other things I won't translate. The link at Femen has additional material: highly recommend (if readers can stomach it) visiting the home page of the Femen website.

That just does not look like milk dripping from that woman's lips.

Friday, January 31, 2014

let's just redesign the whole creation…

GM crops containing fish oil nutrients could be grown in UK within months

Miranda Prynne
The Telegraph
24 January 2014

"The researchers hope to produce the world’s first sustainable plant source of omega-3 fatty acids, normally found in oily fish, by “cutting and pasting” genes taken from marine algae.'t"


…facetiously speaking.

the Grammys and the collapsing culture

Grammy Awards Reveal Collapsing Culture and the Christian Mission in a Pre-Christian Nation

Deacon Keith Fournier
Catholic On-line
29 January 2014

"What is happening in our Nation involves competing definitions of human freedom, human flourishing and human progress. It is the promotion of faithful, monogamous marriage, family, authentic human freedom, the dignity of every human person - and the insistence that there are objective truths that can be known and unalienable rights endowed on all men and women - which have guided true progress in human history."


don't eat the fish

SURPRISE: You're Eating Fukushima Radiation and Bloody, Cancerous Tumors in Fish Contaminated By Radiation

Turner Radio Network
28 January 2014

"The government and the nuclear power industry claim we have nothing to worry about.  When you see the photos below, you may want decide for yourself if they're telling the truth."


Hat tip: Steve Quayle

This is a new article about the old story, but if you have not been reading any of it, the photos will at least get readers up to speed…

women and obscenity

Feminist Laura Levites To Cathy McMorris Rodgers: "I Want To Rip Out Your Uterus And Eat It"

Janna Brock
Freedom Outpost
29 January 2014

"The state of The union is pathetic, and the state of the American culture is worse. Feminists have taken to obscenities that would never be publicly expressed a generation ago, much less said in private. But Satan is in full attack mode, and wicked feminists are seeing blood."


not pointing fingers but…

Sen. Mark Udall’s son arrested for heroin possession

Greg Campbell
The Daily Caller
31 January 2014

"Colorado Democratic Sen. Mark Udall’s 26-year-old son Jed was arrested for heroin possession and breaking into cars in Eldorado Springs Wednesday."


…this is becoming a national problem for our sons and daughters.

Vermont's opiate crisis
Florida: "epidemic"
A tainted batch in Pennsylvania: 17 deaths
New Jersey: on the rise
New Hampshire: "alarming rate"
Arizona: "drug of choice for young people"
Ohio: "falling out of the sky" (March 2012)
And of course, California: "…at such a young age"

I'm stopping right there as I believe the point is made…all but one of those links is current.

Kate Boccia's work in Atlanta continues at HOPE A Parent's Initiative

roadside TSA

Roadside violation: Drivers, passengers say police searched inside underpants

Jodie Fleischer
30 January 2014

"Fleischer's research found at least half a dozen reports of similar actions by officers in various metro area departments. The drivers and passengers were reluctant to speak publicly because they were embarrassed.."


what happened in Atlanta (reprise)

The Day We Lost Atlanta

Rebecca Burns
29 January 2014

"What happened in Atlanta this week is not a matter of Southerners blindsided by unpredictable weather. More than any event I’ve witnessed in two decades of living in and writing about this city, this snowstorm underscores the horrible history of suburban sprawl in the United States and the bad political decisions that drive it. It tells us something not just about what’s wrong with one city in America today but what can happen when disaster strikes many places across the country. As with famines in foreign lands, it’s important to understand: It’s not an act of nature or God—this fiasco is manmade from start to finish. But to truly get what’s wrong with Atlanta today, you have to look at these four factors, decades in the making."


and the bacchae writhed

‘America's First Dictator…'

Erica Ritz
The Blaze
29 January 2014

"Beck said he believes every American should document that “this was the State of the Union where our president declared he would become America’s first dictator…"

But Beck said that perhaps more “chilling” than the president’s repeated assertions that he will go around Congress, was that half of the U.S. Congress was actually standing up and cheering."


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

the veto man

Obama Would Veto Bill to Completely Ban Taxpayer Funding of Abortions

Steven Ertelt
Life News
29 January 2014

"The House of Representatives yesterday approved legislation that will put in place a complete ban on taxpayer funding of abortions that ensures abortions are not directly funded in any federal governmental program or department. The White House says President Obama would veto it."


the applause resounding…and resounding…and resounding

Obama Promises To Enact Gun Control Laws “With Or Without Congress”

Steve Watson
29 January 2014

"Among a myriad of promises to create and sign laws using his magic executive order pen, the president vowed during last night’s State of The Union Address to pass more strict gun control laws, even if it means bypassing the Congressional process."


I kept hearing the applause. For the rest of it, I just didn't want to listen…

Alan Caruba's post on the State of the Union speech includes a cartoon that I sympathize with totally.

more from Infowars

If only instead of all that applause, the good folk remaining in Congress had all just walked out…

now if only he should win…

Edward Snowden nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for making the world safer

Staff Reporter
ABC | Reuters
20 January 2014

""There is no doubt that the actions of Edward Snowden may have damaged the security interests of several nations in the short term," Mr Solhjell and fellow MP Snorre Valen said in a joint statement.

"We are, however, convinced that the public debate and changes in policy that have followed in the wake of Snowden's whistle-blowing has contributed to a more peaceful, stable and peaceful world order.
"His actions have in effect led to the reintroduction of trust and transparency as a leading principle in global security policies.""


Hat tip: Steve Quayle

patterns of a growing evil include…

Inside the 'portal to hell…'

Laura Collins
Daily Mail
28 January 2014

"…today, the veteran police officers, experienced physicians, paramedics, nurses, social workers and clergy linked to the case speak of being ‘attacked’ by demons, profoundly shaken and left with little choice but to believe that ‘something’ possessed the 32-year-old mother-of-three and the rented home in which she, her children and her mother, lived from November 2011 until May 2012."


At the Grammys #1
At the Grammys #2
At the Grammys #3

Four month old daughter sold for sex eight times

Vulgarity is vulgarity, but the satanic links to what is overcoming the hour remain…

Which is merely to say, common is as common does, but the onslaught of the present vileness has a source…

And in a world where many are too 'educated' to admit that a source exists…

Anything can happen.

And will.

what happened in Atlanta

A commute turns into a nightmare -- and boredom -- as storm paralyzes Atlanta

Alexis Stephens
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
28 January 2014

"Take rush-hour traffic in Atlanta, add inches of slushy, slick mess and the result was gridlock on interstates in all directions. For hours, roads and interstates have remained jammed stranding some drivers, and there were too many wrecks to count.

“We’ve got major jams on all of the interstates in Atlanta,” said Doug Turnbull in the AM750 and 95.5FM News/Talk WSB Traffic Center.

Late Tuesday night, the Georgia State Patrol said troopers had investigated 940 crashes resulting in one death and 104 injuries."


"Apocalyptic" Atlanta (Independent Journal Review)

Local ABC affiliate 

"Lot of people stuck [on the roads] since yesterday afternoon…" (WSB-TV 8:19 a.m.) No food, no drink, no facilities…not a lot of fun, to paraphrase Mark Arum…

"Gov. Nathan Deal says the National Guard is being called in to help stranded motorists." (WSB-TV) 7:43 a.m.

"MARTA reports that bus and rail service will not resume until 10 a.m." (WSB-TV) 5:50 a.m.

"Atlanta Public Schools reports that they are down to just 5 students still in transit from school to home. The children have been in buses overnight. Channel 2's Richard Elliot found a stranded APS bus with no students but an exhausted driver." (WSB-TV) 5:18 a.m.

"Numerous roads throughout the state are temporarily unpassable…" (WSB-TV) 1:35 a.m.

"“I know every school day is precious, but they shouldn’t have had school today.”" (Quoted at Wunderground 28 January 2014. Must-see: video of adults trying to push a school bus)

And even a Facebook page: SnowedOutAtlanta (which appears to have required a log-in, so will not post)

"The stories coming out of Atlanta are crazy — people are abandoning their vehicles on the road, a baby was born in a car stuck in traffic, and 800 kids are stranded in schools as snow completely paralyzes the city.

The scene resembles the giant traffic jam depicted on "The Walking Dead" after Atlanta is taken over by zombies." (Business Insider 7:55 p.m. 28 January 2014)

Lot of folk did not make it home last night. That includes children at schools, parents trying to get to the schools and workers.

I left work at 1:00 p.m. Dressed more formally than my usual jeans, I knew I could not navigate the sidewalk going downhill to the nearest Marta rail station, so I waited the [unpredictable even in good weather] bus. The traffic, already, intense.

After a few minutes, I decided to walk to the next rail station up, a mere three blocks, and level ground all the way.

Halfway there, I found a doorway to wait a bus more comfortably. The snow was already hard to walk in, although a great many people (with more solid footwear) were traipsing in groups up and down the sidewalks. The homeless, divided between those wrapped in blankets and those practiced mournful stares, panhandling, and the cheerful, oh what fun folk who strode up and down the same blocks, eyelashes and hair white with snow.

No bus. I'd heard already about a fire in the Five Points rail station—whether or not that meant no rail service could not be determined—but at the point I realized I was becoming too cold to wait longer (too, seeing that SUV slide as it went from wait to inch forward to inch to the next stop had something to do with the decision)—and still no bus in sight (some forty minutes of waiting for a route that typically runs every thirty)—I tried again to head to the next station…

Only to find enough ice had already formed to make even stepping from the curb into the street in heels iffy.

I headed back to work, where an individual (I will call him a client of our 'business' and leave it at that) who providentially had stopped by for a pit stop on his trek from downtown to his home less than two miles away agreed to let me join him.

We may have left for the next portion of the mile and a quarter journey to where I could get out and walk (the bus ride lets me out on Peachtree St., so we agreed that would be more seamless for his own trek homeward) around two-thirty: I arrived home at 4:15 p.m. The city covered is twelve or thirteen blocks.

To say the traffic crawled says nothing.

At least one of our staff circled around the gridlocks, late in the afternoon, then returned to stay overnight. Another, who lived in one of the nearest northern suburbs, had not yet made it home when I heard from a co-worker after six p.m. She had left earlier than I had—perhaps as early as noon.

Local affiliates pre-empted the national news last night and this morning. I wakened around five a.m. and turned on the news. And yes, a lot of people did not make it home last night…

It is, however, other items—the conspiracy theory items—that would make an excellent thriller out of the whole.

Read between the lines, as always…

(Readers should remember that I am not as comfortable as I had hoped to be handing conspiracy theories on.

Just items to tuck in your back pocket against possibility, and let's agree to leave it at that…)

"Use of the Children As Bait to Lure In the Parents" (Scroll down to this heading)
HAARP-ing, anyone?
A cache of FEMA camp articles

Will leave it at that…

Except the question. Have kids been left in Atlanta schools overnight during our city-stopping winter storms before? So far, I don't have an answer to that question.

Have people not been able to get home…

Left their cars overnight…

Still huddled in gridlocks the next morning…

Spent the night in stores that opened their doors to accommodate them…

Why did we all like hypnotised drones go so happily out to create a gridlock the likes of which I do not remember ever seeing in Atlanta before?

We have had storms in Atlanta…

Why the apocalypse?

We knew a storm was coming, and I remember the interviews with Mayor Kasim Reed and other officials, promising we were prepared…

But as faithful readers know, when you read the conspiracy theories as diligently as I do, you connect a lot of dots that you might never have noted before…

And as faithful readers will likewise remember, these days, it's not so much a matter of whether or not these things will ever connect.

We need to be watching, just in case…

[Editor's note. Yes, to be sure.

We do like a party, and the more apocalyptical, these days, the better…]

1255 traffic accidents (from the noon press conference)
from The Huffington Post (11:05 a.m.): children stranded in schools in other cities, too

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

inside info?

Matt Drudge Issues Warning: “Have An Exit Plan”

Mac Slavo
27 January 2014

"His web site may consist of just a single page, but Matt Drudge is arguably the most influential media personality in the world. Garnering nearly one billion readers monthly, the Drudge Report is able to literally shift public sentiment, making it an essential read for D.C. insiders, Wall Street professionals, and anyone who wants to stay on top of the latest global issues."


UPDATE: from Joe Kovacs at WND

Sunday, January 26, 2014


White House warns Obama could go around Congress

Philip Elliott
Yahoo News | AP
26 January 2014

""When American jobs and livelihoods depend on getting something done, he will not wait for Congress," Pfeiffer wrote in an email to Obama supporters Saturday."


Another onslaught against those who question Obama

As others have been warning, this man will stop at nothing…

connecting dots

West Virginia Officials: Don’t Drink The Water! Drink The Water! No, DON’T Drink The Water!

Deborah Dupre
Before It's News
19 January 2014

"Even as West Virginia officials lifted the water ban in the last of nine zones Saturday, more people were getting sick from chemical exposure from Kanawha Valley’s drinking water, according to the Charleston Gazette.

By Saturday, 411 patients had been treated at 10 hospitals for reported chemical exposure since the water crisis began on Jan. 9, according to Allison Adler, a spokeswoman for West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources."


I ran across Ms. Dupre's articles over at Steve Quayle's site and proceeded to read several of them at their original site (links below lead to other links), but held this post to think over. Ms. Dupre's reports are quite detailed, and give every evidence of being well-documented.

What concerns me herein is that several alternative journalists were warning (via 'whistleblowers' and/or 'insiders') that something was going to happen in "Region 3" (which includes West Virginia).

When the West Virginia chemical leak came down, some connected the dots.

I am not going to say anything one way or the other (read: when something is left to a reader's discretion, that reader should be adept at reading between the lines). If these things (the global of some of the more stunning claims—and I refer here to far more than the articles linked in this post) are even partially true, it is very dangerous material. What Ms. Dupre describes is not exactly the way it was laid out on the nightly news.

Too, other sources have been covering what happened in the Gulf, and many of them concur that mainstream media has not been telling the story quite the way it happened.

Several conspiracy theory bloggers are no longer set out here at this blog: whether what they keep warning will happen/has happened or never will happen (that place I mark as, because people are whispering these things and/or shouting them from the rooftops, the 'story' which is created via their unrest is a story we must be reading), a marked lack of credibility (when some stories are vetted further) has been found on more than one occasion, in addition to problems with at least one of their sources, whose lack of credibility I have covered elsewhere at the blog (and will leave to the reader's discretion in reviewing).

I remain a woman who believes that it is better to cautiously investigate what is out there, just in case. That covers, as I have lamented elsewhere,  a wide range of 'fantastical,' and—as I have had to note more times than I prefer, a whole lot of folk crying wolf.

I am more guarded, however, about what I set out here now, and can only suggest that readers may want to begin to track some of these items on their own as well.

That caution includes not linking back to the sources mentioned above…

All that said, we are indeed crying into a wind that is so strong it will topple all of us one day, much like that wind yesterday walking up 10th St. to wait the bus at world-famous Peachtree Street—a street made famous, really, in cataclysmic circumstance (à la Gone with the Wind) that we can only hope we will not experience again soon. A wind so strong that I had to hold my hand-knitted cap with one hand so that it would not blow from my head.

But it's not a matter of if. It's a matter of how many will be lost. It is there that we have room to move about, and change a future told to us long ago by the One.

Ominous cast to the whole, yes, but that is why these are notes from a dying city…

Read Tracy Kidder's 2009 book, Strength in What Remains, this past week, and his descriptions of the trek of Deogratias, a young medical student, through Burundi and into Rwanda, then back again, during the massacres (genocide seems too pale a word now, this side of the Twentieth century—Wikipedia describes it as a mass slaughter and that does as well to point out a scream from the very earth beneath us to our God: how could this be?) between the Hutus and the Tutsis in 1994.

For all that we do not know yet which wolves to believe, the descriptions of a society in upheaval are necessary reading.

Just in case.

[Readers should note that Before Its News is not one of my favourite sources. I read a great many people whose ideology at large I do not necessarily agree with: it'd be a cold, lonely world otherwise…

Suspect Heaven will be filled with an assortment of folk that many would not have dared greet, this side of Heaven. Seems sometimes the better move to get accustomed to such now…]

Comparison of West Virginia and the Gulf spill
After water was declared safe?