Sunday, January 5, 2014

mind control experimentation in Russia

REPORT: Russian Mind Control Revealed

Andrew V Pontbriand
Activist Post
29 December 2013

"According to a new report out by Serge Kernbach, from the Research Centre of Advanced Robotics and Environmental Science in Stuttgart, Germany, he detailed just under 100 years of Soviet studies and experiments on mind control, costing over $1 billion dollars.

This 'unconventional' research is similar to what was being done here in the U.S. and also what the Nazis did. However, much of the information on the Soviet mind control program is still largely classified."

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Dr. Kernbach notes in the conclusion of the report quoted above that he does

"not believe that human behavior can be controlled. However, we want to draw attention to the significant potential of a long-term use of these devices and the risk of unethical use of this technology for so-called ’mild correction….’"

Dr. Kernbach also points out that Russia has between two and five hundred researchers in the [broad spectrum, I am assuming] of this field, and that

"There is also an interesting process of distributing this research to the West. First of all, it is done by researchers from [Commonwealth of Independent States] countries and who is [sic] living in Western countries. This is also happening due to the inclusion of countries from the former Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact in the EU and the gradual introduction of these works in Western research organizations."
A short review of Dr. Kernbach's article
From International Business (IB) Times (16 December 2013)
Dr. Kernbach's project page at Universit├Ąt Stuttgart

latest on Transpacific Agreement

Activists fear trade deal’s impacts on the Pacific rim

Cecilia Rosen & Mike Ives
Sci Dev
3 January 2014

"But activists in several countries warn that the agreement, if signed, would restrict the availability of essential goods and services such as medicines, seeds and internet access in parts of South-East Asia and the wider developing world, with dire consequences for millions of people."

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Bloomberg Opinion, Mid-December
When it sounds like a conspiracy theory…
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"Uprising against" planned
The Facebook protest page for that uprising (Wednesday 8 January 2014)

what we knew is coming

Italy's Highest Court Overturns Pedophile's Conviction Because 11-Year-Old Was 'In Love'

Business Insider | Agence France Presse
31 December 2013

"According to Il Quotidiano, the girl came from a poor family who had known and trusted the social worker.

Lamberti was caught naked in bed with the girl after an investigation by police based largely on wire-tap evidence, it said."

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impeding the free exercise of…

Bus Drivers Punished for Praying at Work After Child's Death: 'Prayer Brings Us Together'

Katherine Weber
The Christian Post
2 January 2014

"After completing their prayers one day, at least five of the drivers with the HISD were surprised to learn that they had received disciplinary letters placed in their personal files saying they violated school district policy by using the two-way radios to pray."

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