Friday, January 10, 2014

under the altar of our God

Project Aims to Give Names to Every Baby Killed in Abortion

Life News
7 January 2014

"“When you give a name to an aborted child, then you remove it from the trash heap of oblivion, and restore a token of human dignity to that child. When you do this publicly, then you are helping to reform the values of the current culture. This is a commendable effort…. another way to soften hardened attitudes, and to melt frozen hearts [Father Matthew Habiger].""

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I have been wanting to set a link out here for this project since I heard of it a mere three days back. It seems, however, an eternity has passed since I read of it. That necessity to choose the right name…

And then I decided to take on two…

As the website says of itself:

"50 Million Names’ is a grassroots campaign to collect names for now-more-than 50,000,000 children aborted in our country. Naming these children helps heal wounds of family members, abortionists, and of our nation. Honoring them acknowledges reality of their short lives, and connects Namers to their prayer intentions – for their mothers, fathers, siblings and family members, and for abortionists and witnesses who are now intimately connected with these babies."

After registering at the website, the links in the sidebar guide you through processing how to set in your name for a baby who was lost to abortion. Each baby is sealed by a 'gesture,' which is created by the individual naming the child, and is listed with the child's name at the site. An additional 'story' is optional.

Examples of gestures are provided by the site.

The project was founded 12 December 2013, so it is very new, and, at this writing, just over six hundred babies have been named. The 50 Million Names Project was founded by Charlotte Ostermann, a "Catholic convert, freelance writer and editor, homemaker, poet, humorist, veteran educator, and spiritual mentor," and her daughter, Hannah Ostermann, a student at St. Lawrence Catholic Campus Center.

According to Charlotte, the project launched on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, patroness of the unborn. The organization has a small staff and an advisory board, as well as friends, partners and teen coordinators.

As those of us who are opposed to abortion well know, abortion is never just about a woman. Nor is it about merely a woman and a child. Abortion involves the father of the unborn child, the families of each parent (regardless of whether an abortion is done in secret or not), future children of the parents, the abortionist, clinic staffs, counselors who arrange the abortion (many of whom were/are priests), and the society in which abortion is not just allowed, but now is defended with increasing violence, vulgarity and degradation of the feminine spirit.

Naming those lost in the violence of abortion has multiple purpose, as the website for the 50 Million Names Project explains. It begins with a restoration of dignity, conferred upon those who are denied, not only life, but humanity, as each is relegated to the mere status of 'statistic,' tissue, and worse.

Naming also begins the process of healing, and sparks a journey that engenders the beginning of blessing.

And naming bestows upon those involved the beginning of relationship, as a link is established between those who are aborted and those responsible for the abortion: framed within the desire of God to "bring healing and reconciliation" to those most intimately involved in these sorrows, relationship becomes the place wherein both blessing and healing are won.

Safeguards have unfortunately had to be built in to eliminate pranksters, although I am afraid at least one had already ventured in when I first visited the site. Given the viciousnesses of the anti-life movement at this point, it seems inevitable that what is precious will need those safeguards in place.

I chose to name a girl and a boy, each of whom I gave my family name, with the direct intent to keep a remembrance for each, and to meet them one day in Heaven. I have marked a day wherein I will light a candle for each child, every year.

And yes, they will be in my mind and heart now, in many things, apart from that day.

The 50 Million Names Project is not designed merely for individuals whose lives have been more personally touched by abortion, but is for the society at large, that we who have lived in this society that has aborted over fifty-six million babies might attempt to do even this smallest penance against that horror.

May I encourage all to visit the site, and name…

Then 'hand on' notice about the project to as many others as you can.

[Extra note. As Ariela Pelaia reports:

The connection between candle flames and souls derives originally from the Book of Proverbs (20:27): "The soul of man is the candle of G-d." Like a human soul, flames must breath, change, grow, strive against the darkness and, ultimately, fade away. Thus, the flickering of candlelight helps to remind us of the precious fragility of our life and the lives of our loved ones, life that must be embraced and cherished at all times.]